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Hi guys!

I just got back from the Czech Republic where I spent a super eventful four days with Grace and Candice. As much as I’d love to blog about it here, I have a huuuge backload of photos from the first few days in Vienna. The weather was beaaautiful – we hit Vienna’s ‘Ring’ and went crazy taking photos and being retarded in general =)

Woke up nice and early for breakfast in the little kitchenette prepared by yours truly – ^^

Smiley Potato Men which I fried up with bacon grease from the bacon wrapped cheese knackers.. sooo sinful but yums!
And the piece de resistance?

Scrambled eggs with hediard truffle oil!
I’m loving cooking here – everything tastes so fresh and organic – the eggs, milk, capsicums, all bursting with color and non-processed. And the air is so amazingly crisp and pure I’m getting fat just breathing it in.
Waiting for the other girls to get ready:
Super happy that I finally get to wear my velvet faux fur jacket out!

Selca with Biffy – we’re shades of purple today!

My Mummy says we look like “Hello Dollies” here which I’m guessing is an amalgamation of Hello Kitty and Dollies! So fobby but I was laughing out loud – I love my parents like that
Quaint sights on Viennese streets.. horses everywhere and adorable little tow-haired children. See facebook for more pictures – bandwidth is a little limited here.

Me likey! But what are the odds of a lazy pig like me cycling seriously. None!

And I know LUSH is everywhere but I can’t get enough of their super pretty displays and technicolored soaps!

Good enough to eat!
The Viennese churches and palaces had us ooh-ing and aah-ing in wonder. I was just taken aback by the sheer beauty and history of the architecture, struck dumb, really. Biffy says I’ll soon be sick of churches but how does one get sick of beautiful things?
Love this picture.. as you can see I’m bursting with joy – thats what sunlight and fresh air does to a city girl like me =)
The interior of the church. Just standing there made me feel spiritual. It really feels like a place of reverence and respect. It would be just amazing to attend mass there, in my opinion.

Saying a silent prayer for my ye ye, who was having problems with his cataract operation back in Singapore.

Stopped by Gerstner’s for mini macaroons. We tried the Raspberry, Chocolate and Pistachio and I can safely say it is as good if not better than Pierre Herme and Laduree! (But then again I have only tasted these after they’ve flown to me in a box). We’ll check back again on this when I’m in Paris!
After lunch (short ribs and wedges) I was suitably equipped to tackle the 200+ steps needed to climb the Basilica steps. Biffy wisely desisted but I gave in to Candice’s persuasion, being a virgin church-stair-climber. Safe to say, I nearly died, and on the way was overtaken by an obese American tourist and a pair of retirees from Britain respectively. My fitness levels are pathetic.

Me, chirpier because we are now making our descent down. Castle/Church stairs are amazingly claustrophobic and I swear my throat clogged with fear a few times. I’ll get better and conquer the Vatican in Rome!

Dropped by Mozart’s Home.

And OF COURSE we had to go to the Opera House where Nodame first arrived in Nodame Cantabile and do a Nodame-esque pose for you, Gwendonut! =) How! Cute enough? I know I’m not autistic and I don’t carry a piano bag but this will have to do ha ha~

Thoroughly tired out, we went for Viennese Sacher Torte to end the day. Sacher Torte is this very special chocolate cake thats sandwiched with apricot jam. Some say its an acquired taste but I took to it immediately.

Hot Chocolate

Sacher Torte – Rich chocolate, tangy apricot jam, whipped cream – what’s there not to love!
I’ll check back in soon with photos of our Summer Palace Picnic!
See you soon!

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