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Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Yes the title says it all. =) Truth to be told I’ve been postponing my blog entries for a looong time – the sheer backlog of photos and events make me feel like running for cover just thinking about them!

What a difference a week makes because life has been awesome since! Just one and a half weeks ago I was a depressed wreck, but I’ve turned my life around, thanks to my wonderful friends, family, fiancee, and God. I’ve found strength and self-belief in every place imaginable and I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have all of you, counseling me through the night (Jings, Boons, Gwen), the day (SY, Jac, Charmain) and so many others with their e-mails and little notes.

I’ve got Prague, Italy, Spain, Paris, AND London pictures to put up and blog about but gosh I have no idea where to get started! So I’ll start from exactly where I’m sitting – my room in hall, which I am sharing with Sabrina. Its really cosy and comfy and there’s an ensuit toilet. Unfortunately I’ve hardly had enough time to spend in here being a bum in general, thanks to the gazillion amazing things to do in London.

This weekend alone it was the Portobello Market, and a Diana Krall Picnic concert, and then punting in Cambridge with Val-o and her lovely friends (SUPER FUN) – pictures are on facebook.

Right, so this is me :

No I’m not at Cambridge, I’m doing summer school at the LSE and its lessons the whole morning and most part of the afternoon.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a waste of time doing just three weeks of summer school but now I would gladly eat my words – my classmates are impossibly diverse- greeks, japanese, senegalese, americans, brazilians, french and they all can’t stop talking about the media back home. I’ve gained so many insights and learned so many things in a week its hard to believe I ever thought I’d learnt quite enough in my four years in University. Seriously considering coming back here to do my Masters now whilst my brother does his university – how fun!

Okay got to run now, but I’ll be back!




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