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Okay so here goes a valiant attempt to get back in the ZONE, baby =)

I’m going to start off with the days after K, Candice, and Grace left because they are the most recent and therefore the easiest to get out of the way! BTW my only impetus to blog now K, who is lonely in Singapore and buried under work and has asked me very nicely very many times to blog about our trip before he forgets it all (Yes that is my primary function as his girlfriend)
The day K left was an emotional one, because after that I was basically on my own, staying at my Dad’s friend’s entire semi-detached guesthouse by myself.
It really isn’t as bad as it sounds, the Tais were wonderful and their son was an amazing host (thanks to Aron I had my first taste of English curry and although I would say its really closer to butter chicken it was fantastic), the linens and bed were super comfy – yes I’m spoilt like that but why settle for less and the BEST thing was freshly laundered and ironed clothes every day (you will know this to be the true mark of civilized life after spending a month traveling itinerantly across Europe, deathly afraid of sharing washing machines with whichever scruffy backpacker went before you)

Right, so back to K’s last day! We checked in with the Tais, got our luggages all packed (he brought all my new babies back with him to SG so we will only be reuinted then =( ) and headed out for lunch at Mark’s and Spencer’s because although thats boring how could he leave without trying it at least once? =)

If I look a bit sad, its because I was, VERY sad. The moment he started lugging his trolley I felt tears welling up. I hadn’t realized how dependent I’d become on him looking out and after me this whole trip, especially emotionally.

Our cold lunch, which was really quite delicious. M&S has been a complete lifesaver and salad did us a lot of good after all the disgusting binging we’d indulged in in France (truffles in every course, confit de canard, foie gras, filet mignon, anyone?)

Luckily after he left C and G were still around and for four more days at least I had some company to keep the smile (albeit a wobbly one) on my face, and despite the emotional burden of the trials and tribulations during the trip, I really did enjoy myself !

Stuff we covered:
Portobello Market – quaint and pretty but I prefer Camden Town’s raw energy and noise – PM is all refined and they sell mainly antiques.

I nearly succumbed and bought a teapot set from here but Cath Kidston was just up the road and I am now the proud new owner of a Provence Rose tea set for two! =)

Amazing little vintage clocks, knick knacks, even old English boarding school-esque racquets and dolls – I couldn’t get enough of all the character, really!

Took a break from all the ooh-ing and aah-ing and it was off to the famed Hummingbird Bakery for some afternoon tea!

Amazing Red Velvet Cake, seriously, to die for! The cake was gorgeously dense and there’s just something so rich and decadent about digging into a crimson slice of cold cake. The cream cheese frosting was equally good and not sweet at all.

After half the slice I was halfway up to heaven too! Kinny had a chocolate cupcake and Grace had a carrot cake cupcake and all of us were hanging off our high chairs from sugar overdose.

Of course, there were the West End Musicals – the highlights of the first part of my time in London. They made me feel like a child again, and at my darkest moments, also gave me a reason to smile! If left to my own devices I might have spent my whole week watching musicals by myself ^^

First up was Avenue Q, HILARIOUS! PLEASE watch it and look out for the sex scene (YES there is a sex scene)

Aren’t their theatres amazing? Songs that got me laughing till my sides hurt – The Internet is for Porn and Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist. I was gasping in political correctness for the first twenty minutes but succumbed and had SUCH fun!

And the HIGHLIGHT – Wicked!!

I don’t know how to start describing how much I enjoyed this musical. It made me laugh till my sides hurt, it made my cry, it made me gasp in wonder, and I actually felt my heart soar when Elphaba started singing “Defying Gravity”.

The song that resounded in me the most was one between the two best friends, Elphaba and Galinda.

For Good

“Like a comet pulled from orbit, as it passes a sun.
Like a stream that meets a boulder half way through the woods.
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better,
but, because I knew you,
I have been changed for good.”

This song resounded so deeply in me I actually felt it resonate in my head and chest. It just touched so many feelings I was going through at that moment…

After C and G left back to Sillypore (How I wish I was going too!), I spent the next few days alone, until I met up with Val-o for some tea, dinner, and shopping! It was wonderful to see her and almost completely surreal – in London! I kept repeating to myself. =)

The London Arts Festival was on then and they had these supercute pianos all over London you could just sit at and bang a tune out on. I was too shy to actually play anything but here’s a picture because they are so funny and spontaneous looking!

Dinner was yummy dim sum and for pudding we had ice cream at Amorino’s. I LOVE AMORINO’S. Its the best! Thank you Jevon Tan for introducing it to us in Paris, because to date the Alfonso mango is still the best ice cream I have ever eaten (and that says a lot because I have, unfortunately, eaten a LOT of ice cream.)

Here are Val and her English Prince Charming who is indeed very charming and looks a bit like Prince William (although Val would disagree vehemently if only to stop his head swelling so big it can’t go through the door) They are adorable together and I had a great dinner .. hanging out at Cambridge and punting with them + more is another blog post I’ll be putting up soon!
With that, I started on my first day at the LSE Summer School’s International Relations Faculty. =)

Yes, a free muffin and juice would be very nice, thank you!

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