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Yes another post on LDN again, I’m 6 days away from going home sweet home and I’m bursting with excitement at the thought of seeing my family and friends and K again.. its been waaaay too long!
On our second day here when K was still around (and gosh that was a whole month ago!), we decided that we wanted to make the most of the day and at least get K to see all the main attractions (he only had 2 full days there), we took off on the Sandeman Free Tours (highly recommended for broke students!)

Matchy-matchy! Love K’s shirt, its the Fred Perry World Cup series, and he is, (of course!) wearing the England one. We’re at the London Bridge station here, which is just a stone’s throw away from our very nice hotel. ^^

Kinny and G, whilst waiting for the train. Kinny of course looks like she is having some attitude problem again, but doesn’t she look absolutely.. I dunno, cool? Could be the watch. Or the hippy headband. Or the mini shorts that barely cover her you-know what.

Waiting at Hyde Park Corner for the tours to start. It was a fantastically sunny day – and I am DYING for those days now. For some ridiculous reason, after two weeks of summer, London weather has regressed into Autumny weather again, it was a brr-ing 14 degrees with rain and cold winds on Sunday!
So the tour was pretty comprehensive, bringing us around the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Sq, Pall Mall, Downing Street, etc over a 3 hour span. I did rather enjoy it, the guide was funny! But I would have enjoyed it a lot more if we didn’t spend half the time being exhausted – travel fatigue was really setting in ( 1 month 1 week of living out of suitcases takes its toll!)
On the way to Hyde Park:

We didn’t get to see the change of guard, but I did manage to fulfil my mad-tourist need to get at least ONE picture with/of the Royal Guard and their bear fur hats. They must have amazing discipline, all that fur, can you imagine if their noses got itchy?

My Royal Guard =)

A London Wedding Bus! We all started shrieking in excitement when we saw it.. so SO fabulous! And you can’t see it here, but the bus was full of gorgeously dressed guests.. it was so ENGLISH. Their crazy hats and pastel twinsets and handsome broad Englishmen, I was just gawking away.
Wedding ideas, much? But I don’t think an SBS bus will be that cute =)

At Westminster Abbey with Kinny! Apparently all the rich and famous people get married here but I think St Paul’s Church is so much nicer !

The Big Ben, which was my favourite. Finally found out the meaning behind Guy Fawkes Day and all those bonfires and although it does sound incredibly morbid when told straightforwardly but add in a healthy dose of dry English wit and it becomes, well, quite funny afterall. =)
Go google if you want to know the story, too lazy to elaborate here!
Off to Harrods after the Sandeman Tours for some shopping at the best departmental store in the world!
We’d come right smack in the middle of the Harrod’s Summer Sale (Yes, there is Only One Sale) and the place was CRAWLING with people and Arab tourists, but still amazing. The opulence! The displays! My exclamation marks will just go on and on!

At the Food Hall, clutching a box of Pink Chocolates. I didn’t buy them in the end because although pink chocolates sounds so cute, images of cloying, plasticky pseudo-chocolate.

Had lunch at Cafe Rouge across from Harrods because Laduree was just crawling with people. Anyway do NOT have Laduree in London because it is a poor imitation of the Laduree in Paris. The macaroons S and I bought were crunchy and oily instead of creamy, light and rose scented and nuttily smooth as they should be.

The Dodi and Diana memorial near the Egyptian Escalator in Harrods. So I know the deaths were tragic and everything, but this struck me as being slightly tacky, especially with the giant diamond ring in the centre. But all the money thrown into the little pond goes to charity, so who am I to judge?

At the furniture section. How cute are these chairs? Cute, but hopelessly impractical. It must be rather tiring to hold a conversation this way. The smart aleck in me was bursting when I saw these chairs because I referenced them straightaway as being inspired by the chairs in the apartments of Napoleon (saw these at the Louvre in Paris) (!! so yeah geeky moment).

I am clutching the Prada paper bag that holds the only one of my babies that I was able to keep, the rest of them went back with K for tax refund purposes, but they all feature heavily in my photos so I don’t miss them so much now =)

At the pet kingdom – doggy cupcake stands! And the cupcakes are like 5 quid each, which is more than what I would pay for a HUMAN cupcake please. Buuut if I am ever filthy rich and own a pretty little prissy dog, Harrods would probably have everything I want.

Bling for Dogs! The only place to get that gorgeously woofy ring is Sniffany and Co!

And for bags, naturally Chewy Vuitton. Was goofing around with K thinking of more retarded doggy brands and so far the best we have is Barklenciaga lol.

Met up with K’s friend Sam and his girlfriend Kitty for Korean food and clubbing after that! Found this great place near Holborn (near LSE) called Asadal and it was great!

Perfect ddokbokki! The ddok was so soft and ricey it was melty but chewy at the same time, and I dont know if their gochujang was homemade but it was the perfect blend of spicy umami! And the odeng! I could eat this forever ! If you are ever in London and craving spicy Asian food, you have to go to Asadal, they have another outlet near Tottenham Court that my friends say is equally good. =)

Sam-gyeop-sal (Korean bacon)

Can you see the fat.. the oozy fat, and can you imagine how succulent it looked cooked, dipped in gochujang, wrapped in lettuce and stuffed unceremoniously into the mouth. Tres yummy.

We went to two clubs that night and only really enjoyed one. One angmoh one and another Asian club. The angmoh one, Tiger Tiger, played awful weird music that was super difficult to dance too and there was no ventilation – the Singaporean in me was freaking out about what would happen if a fire started cos the whole floor was also sticky with alcohol.

Then Sam brough us to Thai Square Club ( I know sounds so sleazy) and it was like OMG Zouk in London!

Before leaving for the clubs – in the hotel. As you can see, Kitty is all dresed up (boots) and ready to rave but I am woefully under-dressed ( never thought of packing to go to the disco)

Outside Tiger Tiger, and YES, those are passports Kinny and G are clutching – apparently our student IDs do not cut it here and Kinny looks so young that when we buy tickets she gets offered child tickets as part of a “family of three”.

Hee hee! No Absinthe tonight!

The girls!

Okay that concludes my post for today, I’ll probably get started on Paris or Spain tomorrow if the mood strikes me. I can’t wait to get home for convocations and big hugs! I’ve already picked up the prettiest pair of black lace-up heels to go with the gown!




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