Little Bow Girl

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Oh Happy Day!

Things are finally starting to really look up! Today was a great day, went for my very first desk lunch and it was really awesome. I’m so glad I’m working in a great place with great people – I mean, I bitch and moan about work, who doesn’t, but at the end of the day, being a journalist makes me feel fulfilled – I feel like I belong, I feel stimulated, and its a wonderful feeling!

I’ve realized when I look for stories and ideas that I really want to HELP. I really want to get out there and reach out to Singaporeans and people who are interesting and fascinating and special but don’t get a voice because they don’t know how. I want people to read about these Singaporeans and smile and appreciate them the way I do when I talk to them. I’ve always been told that I was a good listener but I don’t think thats really a gift – I think its a gift when people are willing to share their experiences and lives and hard work with you, and I want to reciprocate that generosity.

I’m less than a month into work, and who knows, I may soon eat my words. But as of now, I am in a happy place, its a happy week, and I hope everyone out there is having a great Tuesday too!




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