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East Coast Park, unedited, 6:45 pm =)

I love this picture! I’m no photographer, I wouldn’t even consider myself an amateur, but I love beautiful things, and nature is full of them. Photos like that make me appreciate that there things as wondrous to enjoyed here in sunny Singapore as there are all the way in rustic Florence.

For all the calm of abovementioned photo, K’s and my little picnic expedition earlier this evening – Project Happy and Harry was rather a fluster of activity and fur.

We spontaneously packed a picnic and decided to bring out K’s sisters’ dogs, Happy and Harry, to ECP for a nice spot of fresh air and a bit of salty sea breeze. Braving a bad flu and general grumpyness (me) and the overwhelming need to nua (K), we set out!

I don’t know what possessed us to bring BOTH of them but we did and instead of the beautiful picture we painted in our minds ( lovely weather, dogs lounging on the grass, romantic picnic), the only thing that actually happened was the lovely weather. -_-

Oh how well behaved they look here!

That’s because this was before we unpacked our entire picnic and started pigging away, triggering loud howls of indignance from both Happy and Harry. It was the equivalent of an angry toddler in his high chair throwing his mess into the air because he wants what the adults are eating not his lousy tasteless puree.

So we fed them and for a while it was good.

Time to tuck in!

Happy Polka Dots!! Super cute picnic-ware I picked up at a quaint little shop in Brighton.

We packed some aglio olio, tomato and herb bread, cajun chicken, tofu and broccoli salad, and cucumbers with seafood spread.  Challenged myself to prepare everything with minimal washing (housewife training!) and I only used one pair of chopsticks, a saucepan, a little pot, and two knives!


Looking a little windblown and tired but still sane!

I say still sane because we were barely into our food when the two little greedy devils finished walloping up their chunks of meat and started up in another cacophony of woeful dog howls. K and I had to get ahold of them separately and give them a good dressing down – looking at them in the eye and telling them very sternly we were not bringing them out again- which worked – until they were back together again and as if in cahoots resumed their tantrum throwing.

It all seems very funny in hindsight – at one point K had to eat his cajun chicken sandwich behind a tree, away from them so they wouldn’t get worked up again. All in all, it was a great experience, but we now know better – One (not two, sorry) is Enough.

Overheard on the way back home:

K: ” Baby, what was that you were saying about having kids again?”

Me: ” Kids? What kids? Never heard of it.”

K: “That’s what I thought.”

and having dumped the ‘kids’ back home, we headed down, hand in hand, to Coffee Club for some well deserved R&R.


5 thoughts on “woof.

  1. weiwei says:

    I’m always amazed at your food escapades. Haha. I’m just too lazy to even try anything and there you go, making it all seem too simple. 😉 Have a good week.

    1. libbyty says:

      hey lol there’s nothing amazing about it lah.. nowadays work is so tiring K and I do it more to save money than to explore gastronomic options lol. where are you working now!

  2. jac says:

    have to agree with your friend on the food part! i’m too lazy to cook hahha

    1. libbyty says:

      i’ll cook for you! lets organize another picnic! are you free next week?

  3. Weiwei says:

    I’m working at yingcomms pr firm. I think cheryl ong has my card. N I just met Philip at a press con. If I got anything to pitch for ur beat, will let u know. Btw, saw ur byline on Sunday! 🙂

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