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Random yummy beery goodness

So since we embarked on our working lives, I’ve been initiated into a “First Thursday of the Month” ritual where a group of good friends get together, nurse one (or two, or three) beers over satisfyingly oily and salty food, bitch about our jobs, laugh about our jobs, and in general enjoy an intense camaraderie only suffering can induce in a group of people as diverse and as special as all the colors of the rainbow.

So about one honey fruitbeer in, colors start to blur a bit and I’m feeling much happier. Is this the start of an alcohol dependency? Will my happiness be exponentially linked to the amount of fermented hops I imbibe?

My trusty S9o decided to make an appearance tonight and everything after that was a happy blur of giggles, travel plans, laugh out loud declarations from P, and a vague memory of Valtoe and me trying (unsuccesfully if I might add) to hug Uberwombat.

Kiss already?!

Wanyu might have heard something scandalous. And my eyes might have been itching badly. And V might have listened to too much Tokio Hotel. Or we could have just given in to the need to camwhore. I can’t rightly remember.

And the five little pigs found their way home.

Was halfway on the way to K’s car when I realized that Valtoe would have to take a cab all by herself to Sembawang. Managed to get her just in time and slurred my way into offering her a ride, and then it was me, her and K making a 24 km detour, scoffing Magnum Golden Hazelnut and laughing over random things made funnier with the liberal addition of  deceptively light beer.

I can’t wait for the next first thursday of the month !



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