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They say Paris is supposed to be the city of love, but I think its truly Florence where the heart finds its home. Nevertheless, Paris was quite wonderful! What stood out the most for me was the amazing food. Just a short photo post on one particularly lovely day strolling down the Champs Elysees with the one I love, stopping for tea at Laduree, and of course it was truly surreal making my first purchase from 31 Rue Cambon, home of Coco Chanel!

Mr and Miss Navy Outfits.

I love him in geek specs! And I can safely say my Red Blair Bow was my best buy in Europe (nope, not all the brands). I think it was about 15 euro in American Apparel @ Marais, St Paul’s.

The Institution

One of the things I love most about K is how he’s not too manly to appreciate well made pastries and the delicacy that goes into it. He never scoffs down food and enjoys the visual aesthetic of raspberry swirls and the texture of fluffy pink rose marshmallows as much as I do. And when we see something we simultaneously think its pretty, we do a happy dance! A “so cute so pretty!” happy dance. =)

Saint-Honoré Rose-Framboise

Flaky pastry, choux pastry, light rose petal confectioner’s custard, raspberry stew,
Chantilly cream flavoured with rose water, rose syrup fondant, fresh raspberries
My order. This was wonderful! Perfumed with roses, different textures, it was a full sensory experience, and so delicate to eat.

Tarte Fraise Mascarpone

Sweet pastry, mascarpone cream and strawberries

K’s more stodgy and conservative choice, old favourites like the buttery sweet pastry complemented by the smooth custardy foil of mascarpone cheese and sweet tart strawberries. I think our choices in pastry maketh us. ^^


Laduree Champs Elysees

75, Avenue Des Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris

Posting out super cute cards – sending all my love home from Paris!

I think postcards make the best souvenirs.. I sent back at least 11 quirky postcards just to my family, and many more full of hugs and wishes to my friends.

E-mail is all very nice, but nothing beats the wonderful surprise of getting a pretty postcard, stamped and marked from a good friend thousands of miles away.

And then rubbing our hands with glee we set off to burn some benjamins (or Euro in this case) ..

And ’twas in my arms, white camellias and all.

I was a happy, happy girl!


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