Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

And if our love was a storybook

We would meet on the very first page

And the last chapter would be about

How thankful I am for the life we made

That’s exactly how I am feeling now after a short conversation with K. We’ve been struggling a lot these few days with so many issues about our marriage, our wedding, his family. It just makes us lose sight of the objective – to spend the rest of our lives together. At first I was just upset and angry with the people who have to make it so hard for us to be together. But now I am grateful for this happening because it has also showed me how much I want to be together with him.

“I’m so sick of all this. Let’s just elope.”

“Where do you want to go? I’d go anywhere with you.”

“Let’s get on a plane to Vienna and get married in the Summer Palace.”

“Let’s go! We’ll get married and have a picnic, just the two of us, and get deliriously drunk on cheap champagne.”

” I love you”

” I love you too.”

Adversity reminds us of who we are, and what we hold dear. Adversity shows us the price of everything, and forces us to make the decision, to decide if it is worth it. Adversity makes us make choices, and at the end of the day, my choice is K.  With God’s support, I can overcome my baser natures and my human tendency to become defensive and bitter. I can do this. This love is all the more precious because of what we have to overcome to live it.

Work wise, my life seems to be taking a turn up. I amaze myself with my ability to bounce back. Right now though, I just want security at work. I don’t mind just taking a supporting role, even, if only to get some breathing room to get the rest of my life back on track. Then its back to stake-outs, man!

Spent some quality time with my family on Sunday at my cousin’s birthday high-tea at Hotel Intercontinental.

Seafood Vol-au-vent, Truffled Polenta, Chicken and Pancetta Fingers

The spread was okay but I would rather top it up a little and go for the Rose Verandah at the Shang – love the dazzling array of teas and little finger sandwiches and tea cakes.

Strawberries and Cream Tea

Fragrant, but I wondered what the point of a tea strainer (albeit a pretty one) was if there were no tea leaves? I also could not taste or smell the hint of cream the menu promised (but I could have an uncultured palate, you never know)

My lovely sister with her birthday present from me, a Miu Miu clutch in gunmetal grey. (So not me, but so her!)

Outfit of the Day : Libby goes for Tea

Love my denim and lace jacket!

I miss my family. I see them everyday but since I’ve started work I have barely had the time to give my little brothers a kiss and a hug and ask a few questions about their day. I spend the most time with my Mom, and I’m glad work doesn’t start that early for me so we have our morning talks (when she is not off for a facial or her morning yoga lessons) but I wish we had a day together.  Really looking forward to our Thailand trip in December!

K was feeling a little down Tuesday evening, so I packed him a bento and tried out some new bento recipes!

Korean Potato and Apple Salad with Broccoli Florets

Baguette Sandwiches with Foie Gras

Japanese style wafu bacon pasta with fresh avocado

and buttery-toast flavored Caramel Corn! (this is crazily addictive)

Mission accomplished – K had a happy belly which by extension made him a bit happier about the OT he was doing.

Close up of the pasta

Too bad I can’t have any myself. Today is day 1 of my protein-shake diet and I cannot look at the tub of protein powder without wanting to throw up. And I already succumbed to ramen noodles at lunch.



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