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What a weekend!

Monumental for a few reasons.

  1. My first Saturday off since I started work
  2. We took the plunge and went furniture hunting
  3. My wedding date has changed yet again
  4. K and I have reached a ‘meeting of minds’ and are currently in that terribly blissful ‘us against’ the world’ and ‘i’m your superman’ stage ^^

Wedding business :

Quite a major change. Now we will be having our ‘door crossing’ for K’s side on 9th September 2011, and then the church wedding and banquet on the 11th of Setpember 2011, Saturday. I really hope these will be the final amendments, it is such a frustrating feeling to have your plans put on hold when the date can’t be set. Now, its full steam ahead. The hotels have been contacted, we’re starting to draw up our rsvp lists, etc.

And.. of course I have been hard at work contacting my sisters for the wedding. I’m going to need all the help I get, and I can’t think of anything happier than having all of my closest gal pals at my side along with my family and other friends when I make my vows. Now I just have to match their strengths to their contributions.. but how to? All of them seem to be multi-talented.

For my church wedding, of course I had to ask Juice/Joyce.  We spent most of the months before our exams singing and studying together in church, solving trigonometry and laughing about boys, drifting off to naps, praying together when the stress felt overwhelming. When she left for Tasmania to pursue her dream of  becoming a marine biologist my heart was quite broken.

She transformed me into a princess the night before my prom, and she has always been amazing with her hands. And not to mention has the voice of an angel. So it had to be her. =)

We met up for rainbow xiao long bao at Paradise Dynasty. I’m a huge xlb fan (the original since my first taste of it in Shanghai when I lived there as a child of 7).



Some flavors were hit and miss, so here goes mine and J’s reviews.

Original – Very good. Smooth meat filling, smooth skin, just the right amount of soup, perfect with the vinegar and ginger dip. I would be happy just scoffing down a whole ‘long’ of these without the fancy schmancy flavors.

Ginseng – Herby, but not overwhelmingly so. An acquired taste. Made us feel virtuous.

Foie Gras – I liked this, but J, not so much. It is a bit rich because of the fatty goose liver, and I like my food lip smackingly rich, but ‘clean eating’ purists like J would not like this so much.

Black Truffle – Bleagh. Smells funny. Like ink (but it could be because it was black). I don’t think chinese seasoned minced pork and black truffle make good fellows, the taste was just pungent to me.

Cheesy – I’m guessing this will be a hot kid’s favourite. Pretty yummy, very moreish, with just a hint of cheese.

Crab Roe – Not good. Fishy and unappetizing.

Garlic – I think I like this the best. It was very lightly infused with garlic, the skin seemed even more tender to the bite, like xlb version 2.  Definitely nom-worthy.

Sze-Chuan – So fun to eat! Hot enough but not too spicy that it left us drinking straight out of the teapot.

We had so much fun eating the xlbs, even though we are both on strict diets. The only consolation might be that there weren’t any carbs (no I don’t want to think about the oily soup or the fatty pork).


My pretty bridesmaid

Chatting excitedly over green tea lattes at Tom and Tom’s later, browsing through wedding favours on her IPad, I kept counting my blessings for how many good friends I have made over the years. The ones I have lost or I have left still make me sad sometimes, but I’ve learned to love and live with those who are here.  ♥♥ you Juice. I can’t wait to be a sister at your wedding too! Thanks for asking me.

Furniture hunting – It was a very productive weekend indeed.

Project Home – 우리집!

Phase One:  Buy pretty furniture

Contractors are only coming in in January, so we’ve decided to go furniture hunting first.  And all I can say is..

“Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard”

trust me to make the link behind Coldplay lyrics and buying furniture but that pretty much sums up the experience.

We are going for a white-furniture with blond accents color scheme. French country style furniture with Baroque touches. Light, airy open spaces. =) With this in mind, we set out.

And after lots of measuring and deliberating (and a little heated discussion), with the help of my trusty rusty measuring tape and K’s head for figures, we finally decided on a few key pieces for our home.


Our dining set will be something like this, but with plush, puffy seats instead.


Ma coiffeuse.

Will be personalizing the stool to a pale dusty pink color instead.

And le plus important!


Our bed!

I have been debating in my head about a color scheme for our bedroom, and I’ve decided I love the color palette above, so I’m going to get set creating it. Initially wanted florals, but I wanted the bedroom to be a place K would feel comfortable in, not emasculated. So its a robin’s egg blue and cream color palette for us!

So excited for later!

Saturday evening, K and I spontaneously decided to take a walk around our new neighbourhood. I lamented about how we wouldn’t be walking distance from my family (they are moving to Frankel next year) and would not be given away from the house I had spent most of my formative years. K’s reply touched my heart.

“Its our future together that really counts more now.”

I felt ready, reinforced, more confident when I heard that. My heart felt incredibly light as we walked hand in hand along the wide open spaces and blue sky that have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. We talked about buying groceries every week, going home to our warm and cosy flat, cooking dinner together (I cook he eats) with our little puppy bouncing around our knees for attention.

And I can’t believe all that is going to happen in less than a year! I can’t hardly wait!




6 thoughts on “nom nom.

  1. weiwei says:

    AHHH! SO EXCITING! Haha. So happy for you! 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      hahaha thank you! i’m so worried about finances now though, and the planning! so tired.. work is killing me.

  2. grace says:

    babe just gotta say that you look absolutely pretty & ethereal in the first photo of your previous entry! 🙂 good luck with the furniture shopping and i’m sure you’ll have a wonderful dream house belonging just to you and K’s 😉

    1. libbyty says:

      hi grace thanks.. i really like that photo too but i was actually feeling really melancholy when it was taken. i think any house is my dream house as long as its with K =) thats a good idea to keep in mind when I go furniture shopping hahaha!

  3. joanne says:

    May I know where u bought your dining table

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi Joanne, they were all custom made for us by my mother in law.

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