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Update: Peanut has been picked up by the SPCA, who will try to rehome him. He had no microchip, collar, or identification. We think Poor Peanut had been lost for days / abandoned for days as he started getting aggressive when food was around and couldn’t communicate well with KX’s other two dogs.

Pet owners, please be responsible! These dogs rely on you for love, care, food, water and a home!


Around midnight yesterday, I left my house to pick K up for work, and got a big shock!

Something furry and warm had started appeared next to my legs, and I got a big fat lick. I thought it was a friendly cat, and looked down to see a big friendly cocker spaniel gazing up forlornly at me.

I looked around, thinking that his owner was somewhere nearby, but the dog followed me around for another fifteen minutes, tried to get into my car, and couldn’t stop looking at me sadly. Half of me wanted to walk away and the other half wanted to take him in.

I think its clear which side won. We’ve named him Peanut for the time being and are now trying desperately to find his owner, because K’s place already has two dogs, Happy, and Harry.

Peanut looks to be about 6-8 years old, is extremely tame and friendly. He has not barked or been aggressive since we found him, and his tail has been clipped. He is a golden brown spaniel with curly hair around the ears, and light spots on his snout. He looks to be in good health, if a bit overweight.

Peanut was found wandering around the Tanah Merah neighbourhood past mid night last night. Please contact me at if you know this dog or his owner, or if you are interested in finding him a home.

(Pls see underneath for new posts, Peanut will stay up here with updates on the situation)


2 thoughts on “Found: Someone’s Peanut

  1. reina says:

    hahaha here’s where tim clark’s class will come in useful…

    1. libbyty says:

      i know right ? =) unfortunately I don’t think I deserve the A I got anymore .. no one has come forward for Peanut =(

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