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Met up with the hottest teacher in town yesterday for some girl-talk and hummus.

Yes, you read it right, girl-talk and hummus. The cutie was craving hummus and I am partial to babaganoush so we found ourselves, ravenously hungry, in Amirah’s Grill last night preparing for some quality chowdown and catching up.

A with our drinks, Hibiscus Juice (too sweet) and Moroccan Mint Tea (nice and refreshingly minty!)

As we waited for dinner, we chatted. And chatted. And chatted. And I couldn’t help but feel so absolutely grateful for the friends I have in my life now. Of course this is in light of all the major changes of 2010, but yes, I am glad. I lost some, but I gained more. And I’m okay with it, because I now know for sure that every single friend sitting at my wedding will be one who is bursting with well wishes and joy for K and I.  And in seeing their joy so will I feel more of my own. Love grows and grows. =)


Aforementioned Pita and Hummus/Babaganoush

This disappeared at lightning speed! Crazily addictive – creamy, tangy, satisfying, a little salty. Perfect complements to each other. A and I have decided its all we’re going to have the next we are back, although the mains are really yummy too. (Thanks Za for the recommendation!)


See what I mean! Awesome mains are here but we’re still sopping up the remains of the dip!

Anyway it was a very productive and fun din din – some trip and wedding details were hammered out, we mused about life, love, work (now what else is there to talk about) but there were moments of retrospect where we wondered about the choices people make in life and what comes of it – just like Love grows, spite, and bitterness can eat you up and swallow you whole.

We also discussed wedding budgetting – I didn’t realize it was such a lot of money needed to even get married. K’s excel sheets have been giving me the heebie jeebies – everytime I look at them my hair stands and I start to have invisible itches. Makes us just want to fly away to some romantically gothic European country (Prague again, yes?) and get married by ourselves. But of course there would be hell to pay when we came back.

Food wise, mains were awesome. My seafood platter was very fresh, very tasty, and the best thing was I didn’t feel like I’d eaten a whole cow, perfect portions. A’s chicken kebabs were good too, the meat was smoky and tender off the skewer. Very good value for money.

Amirah’s Grill

No. 14 Bussorah Street, Singapore (199435)

Post dinner shopping was equally squeakily fun! We’ve found our favourite little shop full of whimsies and look what we have now! Matching cute-beyond-belief rings!



Her bunny just makes me smile!

Lets wear these rings to HKG!

Speaking of travelling, a really awesome travel opportunity might be coming through next week for me – I don’t dare to say anything about it to jinx it, but … PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE ! ^.^




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