Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Life has finally resumed an equilibrium.

The past few weeks have frankly been a roller-coaster ride. Very highs, very lows. And although I’ve always fancied myself as something of a drama queen, I realize that I’ve begun to treasure stability a lot more. Increasingly, I make light of situations instead of reading too much into it. I’ve learnt to brush it off my shoulder.

And why?

Because frankly, sometimes it isn’t worth it. And this is something only growing up can teach a person. That not everything matters, you’ve got to decide what’s important and what’s not. However perfect or rosy it sounds, you cannot take on the world and win. And its easier, oh, a LOT easier, to go to sleep at night not being worked up over things that are totally out of your control.

So yes, I am officially less of a worrier. Now my friends can all heave a sigh of relief knowing the number of frantic and hysterical calls/smses that used to define Libby in a crisis are going to be substantially less. Hee hee. ^^

A wedding to plan, a house to renovate, a career to kickstart? No sweat ! (OK, okay not no sweat, less sweat maybe!)

Had a little five minute think when I got a short break from work today.

What are the two material objects that feature in my life everyday and have the power to make me always feel better?


And the answer is my copy of The Daily Bread and my house keys.

During the lowest days, that little book given to me by my mummy has sustained me. It has given me pause when I get carried away by things like materialism, disappointment, frustration, and a loss of faith. It gives me retrospective insight on the train, it calms me in the middle of a hectic work day, it starts my morning on the right note.

And my house keys? Besides for the fact that that pink ballerina slipper makes me smile everytime I see it? ^.^ I feel like I haven’t started my day until I lock the door shut behind me, and it is a great feeling when I go home after a day of work well done, opening the door to my home, my refuge, and sanctuary, to the smiles of my family I love so much.

Its Friday and the weekend is coming (although I’m working tomorrow), so be happy, everyone!




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