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One thing that struck me on my trip to Abu Dhabi  – how long I had gone without being by myself.  How long it had been since it was just “me” time, and how lost I felt without a constant companion. One day in, however, I started to really enjoy the solitude. The anonymity of being somewhere far away with people I didn’t know who didn’t know me, the absolute lack of baggage. It was fun, and it felt fresh. Like starting over.

Of course thats only a short term respite, its back to reality and back to my life, the life where you make mistakes, you learn, you get hurt, you heal. And its a good life to come back to. =)

I took a while to pack for this trip, if only because the memory of living out of my suitcase for two months straight is a little too recent. Facing my pink luggages again induced a little of that homelessness and I did procrastinate a little ^.^

But the first things I packed?

My bows, of course!

No outfit I put on seems complete without them, and I always feel an extra spring in my step when I have one on my head, holding up my curls and bangs .

I won’t be blogging more about my trip until my article comes out *tmr* lol because a lot of the information is embargoed. Friends, do check out tomorrow’s Life for my travelogue and tell me what you think !!




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