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I love the pictures in this post! How everyone looks so happy and carefree!

Its amazing how long and fulfilling a day can be in the presence of good friends. Everything you do seems fun and interesting – the day almost felt like a vacation instead!

Day Out and Lunch @ Mad for Garlic



Mad for Garlic is a Korean-Italian fusion place that I’ve blogged about in my old blog. Its a real favourite of K’s and mine (we both love garlic) and we eat there whenever we are in need of some real hearty comfort food.

So we decided to introduce it to her and her friend, Bart! Who is the kind of person who immediately puts you at ease with his chatter and easy going nature.  I really hate awkward ‘double dates’ where you find yourself starting to make conversation for the sake of making conversation – it gets lame after a while and you start thinking of what you could be doing with your other half that would be infinitely more worth your time. ^^

Of course, with A and B it was quite, quite the opposite!

At our recommendation:

Garlic Cream Fondue.

Comes with roasted bulbs of garlic, which you dip into a divine cream anchovy fondue.

Yum! Very addictive plus you gotta love the presentation. I get a real kick out of seeing the soft, semi-crunchy bulbs of roasted garlic popping out of the bulbs.


Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza with a Honey Dipping Sauce

I really love this! I think I mentioned the first time I tried it, was in the cutest little cafe ever in Hongdae on a rainy summer’s day. Although nothing will ever surpass that moment, this comes pretty close.

The crisp crackly thin pizza base, creamy, slightly pungent gorgonzola cheese, offset by the malty sweetness of honey with crisp garlic bits in it. A bleeding revelation! A and B also found it awesome, naturally.


I look like laughter is about the bubble right out of my mouth!


Also very happy looking !

Went to check out some wedding fairs later and I’m glad to say we’ve found the perfect backdrop vendors! One more obstacle down in the wedding planning frenzy.

Decided to spend a lazy day doing cookout and renting some DVDs! We decided on a basic menu and the guys just nodded and played along and generally looked confused.

First course: Oeufs en Cocotte / the best thing you will ever do with eggs.

Before baking, in their boiling water baths.

This is the best egg dish you will ever taste. And its dead simple! Just eggs, cream, Maldon sea salt, and GOOD quality truffle oil (very important)

The result?


Creamy, smooth, savoury, unbelievably fragrant indulgence. To die for!

For some side crunch we had my awesome guacamole and store bought nacho chips (now I only say my guacamole is awesome because everyone who tries it says it is but maybe they are just trying not to hurt my feelings)

Mains were much more disappointing this time around.

Maybe we were too ambitious but we used cod – mistake, considering the only cod I ever eat is at fine dining restaurants or in fish and chips, where they are nice and white and flaky and not unbelievably fishy.

We used a whole lemon for 5 teeny weeny fillets but still, fishy. My wonderful fiance and my friends tried to console me by saying the next time around would be better, and that the soy-mirin glaze kind of covered up the fishiness, but I was not fooled =(

The white bean mash turned out pretty nice though! Not beany at all and no carbs!

Abby whipping up a delectable chocolate mousse for dinner !

Din dins!

After dinner it was slouching out on the couch with the AC blasting,  watching one fun, brainless movie after another. Think Underworld, Bring it On, and a random time travel princess romance.

And it was really, really great. =)

I’m ending with my favourite picture of the day –


Thanks for everything, A =)

Love ya!




2 thoughts on “요리왕! Cooking? Cooking!

  1. abel says:

    heeheehee. love ya too 😀

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