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Disillusioned by office politics.

Its really quite awe-inspiring, what a little miscommunication, a lot of pettiness, and a tendency for exaggeration can do to a seemingly innocuous action.

Talk about a serious case of broken telephone – all I can say is that work can really bring out the worst in people. And sometimes the only thing you can do is to dust your shoulders and soldier on because if you let it affect you it will eat you up inside.

Most of all, don’t participate. Never stoop to that level. When you allow yourself to become like them, you lose respect for who you are. Just keeping going, in the words of Nemo. Just keep going and do your thing, because when it comes to work, you only have to answer to two people. Your boss, and yourself.  Now everyone else, you can just shut out.

Still, its disappointing. Such a promising start with such wonderful people. Now look what it is today?


Categories: Work

2 thoughts on “Why me?

  1. shuhuiii says:

    You’re so right! Just keep going, just keep going… It’s hard to ignore or be drawn into these stuff at times.

    1. libbyty says:

      i know.. i really feel its so absolutely unnecessary.. =(

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