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Turning 23 this year made me feel extremely loved.

Truth be told, I thought it would hurt. 2010 has been a rollercoaster of a year, friendships were tested, some broken forever, love came from unexpected quarters, I decided to get married, it was the first year in my life without my grandmother, and I ventured into the working world.

Truth be told, I was dreading the eve of my birthday and the day itself.

But hey, it turned out to be pretty awesome. What had started out as the worst week of my fledgling ‘career’ was fixed just nicely by my small but by far the sweetest group of friends ever!

The first birthday surprises of 2010 were from Joyce, and my friend Miriam!

My birthday present from Joyce, lovingly handmade from spun wool, a little teddy! It now has pride of place on my desk. I keep marvelling at how amazingly detailed and difficult to make it must have been – but that’s J, always super thoughtful and sweet.

And all the way from NZ, Miriam!

Our parents are actually friends from university, and we only met when we went to Auckland to visit donkey years ago, but we struck up an instant rapport and have been meeting up each time she’s back.

When we first got to know each other,  she was an elementary school student and I was a grouchy 15 year old. Today, I’m a journalist and she’s a law student!  Talk about passages of time!

The eve of my birthday was spent rushing to finish at work with Uberwombat and One Cake, whilst Val and Jun-o ate our meagre office offerings in the empty lobby waiting for us to be done.

After much diddling, we headed down to Coffee Club.

Val: “This picture really got ‘feeling'”


Thank you guys for your haphazard birthday greetings at midnight (its one more minute to go! no my watch says NOW !) and a night full of chatter and catching up. You guys make me feel young again!

And the day itself:


I was surprised with such a pretty cake from Uberwombat and Co. Really very touched because I think it must have been a tremendous effort for her to approach anything remotely cutesy or girly and Rive Gauche is a lot like that. Hee.



And from my desk-mate A

Macarons and a lovely warm vanilla steamed milk on a cold rainy day!

And the highlight?

A Surprise Pony Party organized by K and Abby!

I was super duper touched. K has never been the kind of guy to do overtly romantic gestures that involve planning or people other than ourselves – I’d more or less resigned myself to that fact and just thanked my blessings that in all other aspects he is quite perfect. Also, he can’t keep a secret from me to save his life (could have something to do with the fact that I’m terribly nosy), so really, it was something of a miracle. =)


Thank you all for coming, TP, Lester, Abby, Boons, J, and LY. You guys really made my night!


And most importantly:

Thank you baby for turning a day which I thought would be as mundane as any other into such a lovely surprise. I just want you to know that even if it had been a simple dinner for the both of us I would have been as happy. =)

Despite being a very odd and prime number, 23 has turned out to be the age when I have loved, laughed, cried, and grown the most. At times, I feel like I have had to literally claw my way out of depression and the pits, but another thing I have come to realize is that love from others and lots of prayer can bear you up no matter how low you feel.

Another thing about growing older – start living for yourself! An hour spent worrying about what other people say or think of you is an hour of your precious life wasted on inconsequence.

In conclusion, thank you everyone for the wonderful well wishes, the warmth, the care, and your time. Feel the love!

We fly balloons on this fuel called love ♥♥


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