Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

3 Little Dumplings set out for 852 one chilly Thursday morning, but only after one dumpling went to the wrong terminal and had to make a mad dash to check in on time. ^^

But they all made it and tumbled into a pokey but cosy flat on Nassau Street and were soon on their way for some piping hot porridge to soothe runny noses.

So starts my first trip out with Abby and LY, its been a long time coming!

A little weary but still determined to shop, the dumplings headed down to Argyle, but were soon confounded by that strange syndrome also known as ‘first-day reticence’ and ended up yawning all the time.

But have no fear, because Anthony Mok is here!

.. in the form of 7 dollar lao lao min (pull pull noodles) prepared lovingly by his lookalike. The garlic sure woke us up!

Winning combination = quail’s eggs, crab meat, sweetcorn, ‘small spicy’, LOTS OF GARLIC. Yummers!


And we’re all powered up for more shopping x girly fun!

But first, drink up!


Vitamin Water – incredibly addictive and possibly good for you (which can only be better than coke). Got hooked on this during summer school in LDN and I’ve never looked back since – the best thirst quencher on the market!

And the best part?

You get it from a cheery rainbow Vitamin Water machine! Bottom’s up!

Shopping around with A and L, catching up, eating, laughing – that was enough for me. I’ve quite had it with exotic destinations, architectural marvels (Oh Europe, how you have spoilt me) and the like. Sometimes all you want is to mindlessly eat and shop with good girlfriends who are equally enthusiastic about it all.

And, of course, laughter aplenty!

Who on earth would buy those shoes? We started laughing fit to burst our dumpling fillings when A put them on. If K’s dogs saw that shoe, it would be ripped to shreds in moments, and then Happy would stare at me sadly as if to say

” Wut happens to the Mousy??”

We settled down nice and early that night, because A was nursing a nasty throat infection, I was growing one, and LY had walked too much in a day. Rest, finally, right? But it was not to be, because we experienced A Haunting.

In the middle of the night, a hair raising, Ju-on worthy throat rattle slowly rose across the room.

I awoke so frightened I was paralyzed, and for minutes, lay there as I tried to get ahold of my senses and detect the origin of the sound.

And then I realized it was coming from next to me.

Duh, it was A!

Of course L was not to know this and soon, he voice came squeaking from across the room.

“Liiibbbbyyy…. are you ok??”

“Its Abel la!”

“Omg okok”

Our friend was emitting a deep, guttural sound – that of dangerously thick phlegm rattling in a sore throat. The poor dear!!!

Spent the next day souping up on Golden Throat Lozenges, Pi Pa Gao, and lots of water!

more to come!



2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Wonderland.

  1. abel says:

    stupid dumpling. pffft.

    1. libbyty says:

      hehehehehehe! merry christmas dying dumpling!

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