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Happy Bunny Year, everyone!

Things seem to finally be working out for me, after months of struggling, I am finally contented that the road for me is to be a workaholic. I can only rest easy when I know I have done my job well at the end of each day, even if its 11 pm. There’s a good equilibrium to life! Although weekends are even more precious now that I have no life during the week itself, I have come to realize that sacrificing time is part and parcel of being a perfectionist – you can’t have it all!

Last Saturday was a nice full of chatty fun and laughter when all my wedding ‘sisters’ came over to my place to have our first official ‘wedding meeting’

Very professional ok! We took minutes and all the work was beautifully delegated, we’ve now got very governmentally perfect timelines and to-do lists, and all of them have their own notebooks with duties in them! Thanks to Jings!

Post meeting, I cooked up a simple ddukbokki, or Korean rice cakes in gochujang, for the girls!



Super simple to make. The secret is good quality rice cakes which were not repeatedly frozen, which makes them very tough and fall apart in the sauce, and also fresh gochujang, which gives it a nice peppery taste, rather than a slightly fermented tang. Served with boiled eggs, luncheon meet, o-deng, and scallions!

Boons and W!

Lanny came late, but she’s forgiven, because thanks to her, I’ll be off to Jakarta in three weeks’ time for some quality bestfriend time and wedding shopping !

I’m so glad the wedding planning is finally really under way, I’ve been worrying for a while now about all kinds of nitty gritty.. really blessed to have good friends like my girls who put my mind at east and would do almost anything for me! When it comes to their turn to tie the knot, I can’t wait to become the one helping them make all their dreams come true! ^^

In other things, my new favourite Pokka tea!

Strawberry Tea!

I’ve only seen this ‘limited edition’ flavour in one convenience store so far =( but I love it ! Its very fragrantly scented with strawberries in a way that doesn’t overpower the black tea, and really refreshing!

And its pink! The perfect drink this CNY  >.<

Speaking of CNY, Its going to be an uphill battle for me to hold myself back from gorging on all those goodies!

And it got worse when my ultimate CNY goodie nemesis arrived all the way from Palembang, thanks to K’s mummy.

Indonesian Kueh Lapis!

From Fransis Bakery. Isn’t the packaging lovely?

Each slab of kueh lapis from Fransis contains a whopping 50 egg yolks. Thats catastrophic in terms of calories but makes for such a sinfully melt in your mouth texture. I could eat it all day, but at the moment I’m restricting myself to just one small slice at a time. The cake smells really good too, buttery and so luscious.

Just right now, the smells of steamboat and teppanyaki are drifting into my room, and it finally feels like CNY has come round. And although CNY this year (and last year) have had a bittersweet tinge to it because it will never be the same without my beloved grandmother, it is also during CNY that I find myself remembering all the things I loved the most about her – how she would be excitedly pottering around the house telling everyone our CNY visiting schedule, pacing around with red packets in hand on the first day of the new year asking us to quickly get changed so we could ‘bai nian’, and the sparkly radiant smile that would light her face as she tapped her feet to CNY music.

I miss her everyday, but she also makes me smile whenever I think of her, it makes me feel warm to know that I will always carry a piece of her around with me =)

This year is also the last year that I will be celebrating reunion dinner as a member of the Soh family. This time next year,  I will be Mrs Teo, and I will have to learn not be feel terribly bereft at not being with my family on the eve of the New Year. I intend to treasure every moment of today with my family – it only hit me for the first time today how lonely I will be in a house with just one other person, I’ve always taken for granted that my family house has always felt like a home because there was always someone there to greet me when I came back.

I’m ending off with a picture of Gwen’s ai-xin pineapple tarts! They were really tasty, dear! Great effort!

Happy Lunar New Year !




2 thoughts on “Happy Wabbit Year!

  1. jingting says:

    my apologies!!! caught up with cny, but will send u all the schedule and stuff asap!!

    1. libbyty says:

      no problem dear, thanks so much for setting the timeline and getting things rolling!!

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