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Happy Wabbit Year everyone!

Its Sunday and I’m feeling some real holiday blues. =(

Will blog when the feeling passes.

In the meantime, a supercute angpow to brighten up your computer screens!


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  1. weiwei says:

    I know right…sian post-holiday blues. And to think the next holiday is all the way in April. 😦 Oh well, next week is vday. Have a good one! πŸ™‚

    1. libbyty says:

      thanks for the empathy babe! =) lucky for me i’m going off to jakarta and taiwan on my block leave in Mar.. sth to look forward to~ haha bet your Vday date is going to be great – will you be going for those awesome xlbs??

      1. weiwei says:

        OOh.. for your wedding shoot. πŸ™‚ Taiwan’s pretty. Not sure what’s up for vday yet. Supposedly a surprise, taking half day this Friday to celebrate.

  2. shuhuiii says:

    YES I DUNCH WANNA GO BACK TO WORK. But no work= no money= no holidays. So… have to work.

    Happy happy new year! η₯δΊ‹ε―¦ι †εΏƒ! XD

    1. libbyty says:

      hahaha to think a two-sentence post would elicit so much ‘HWEELING’. happy new year shuhui! i’m still hearing you on the radio muahaha!

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