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Fresh off the plane, once I’d gone to pick out all my blonde wood furniture at K’s Mom’s supplier, we hunkered down for some of that Indonesian institution, aka Nasi Padang.

And I was once again re-acquainted with my good friend, sosro tehbotol. Sadly this time I didn’t enjoy it that much – when I had it in Palembang it had tasted fresh, crisp, and sweet but this time it had a distinct drain-water taste. Maybe the bottlers for Jakarta are different?

And Ayam Panggang, my favourite!

Its grilled chicken, Indo style, but to me its so much better than Ayam Penyet or even the so-called Ayam Panggang they have in Singapore. Something in the spice rub makes it amazingly fragrant and super addictive, and the silky smooth lean kampung chicken meat .. yum! I could eat bowls and bowls of rice with this!

After checking into our hotel, we set out for some shopping!

Contrary to popular belief, there are things to buy in Jakarta! I got myself a pair of supercute Macaron earphones which are going to look so pretty with my fairy soft gelato pique room wear! See it in my Taiwan photos =)

Also picked up some really cute Young Hearts PJs at really low prices – I think it may be because they are made in Indonesia – what is almost $79.90 for a nightgown here was only $20 + there !

Stopped for a break at J Co for some yummy fro-yo with strawberry and melon mochi! Love the contrasting textures of smooth tangy froyo and soft, pillowy sweet fruity mochi!

Froyo x メロン餅イチゴ ! Yum!


Posing with cutesy socks!


And then again with some super cheesy movie popcorn! Pardon the bad eyebags and dark circles,  barely got enough sleep – was packing in a crazy hurry!

In the next few photos, you will realize that Jakarta-ians have an obsession with chocolate (coklat) and cheese (keju). I’m speculating that it is a throwback from the time the Dutch colonized them and introduced these two elements.Whatever the case, they dump coklat and keju on everything, most of the time also with liberal amounts of butter. I’m not complaining, but whoaaa.. its got to be seriously bad for their arteries.

K must be an abnormal Indo-chinese, because he likes neither.

Street food, lovingly bought for us by K’s mom, who really took care of us on the first day there, sharing about Indo-chinese culture, food – it was a really interesting experience.

Crispy Bandung tofu, haha not tofu with rose milk, but tofu from Bandung, Indonesia. The tofu fingers were nice and crisp on the outside, creamy soft on the inside. And of course, you could never go wrong with nacho cheese and mayo drizzled over anything!

Calorie meter: 2/5

Thick Toast

Thick toast drizzled with chocolate sprinkles and cheddar cheese, lightly grilled. Not bad, really.. the toast was fairly pillowy and it was a nice simple snack which didn’t get too cloying.

Calorie meter: 1/5

Fermented Tapioca

Traditional Indonesian snack jazzed up a little with chocolate sprinkles. I didn’t really like this because the fermentation gave the tapioca a slightly bitter, winey taste, but its K’s mom’s favourite!

Calorie meter: 3/5

And its time for my favourite Indonesian street snack! The one that left me with the runs in Palembang but I Am UNDETERRED!

Its basically a pancake that is liberally slathered in butter, and has cheese or chocolate sandwiched between. Its buttery, rich, sinful, and super moreish!

We ordered peanut and chocolate!

Look at all that oily goodness!

Toasted again and ready to eat!

Calorie meter : 6 / 5 – I swear, the amount of sin that goes into this pancake is just crazy! But a must-try!

Thats it for our first day in JKT, stay tuned =)




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