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One day in Taipei was happy spa day!

We’d done a little bit of research on the hot springs at Beitou, and were all chuffed and ready for some quality relaxation time after a whole tiring day shooting our pre-wedding photos.

Wanted to set out nice and early but it was nearly ten by the time we left the hotel – the thing about cold weather is that the last thing you want to do is to leave the warm, cozy confines of you slept-in spot on the bed. I think I took 15 minutes to just will myself out of bed.


The train taking us to Beitou! Isn’t that cute, its a hot springs bucket !




Had some quick brekkie at the nearest 7-11. Have I told you how much I love Taipeis’ 7-11s? Well I LOVE THEM. They have everything! And their convenience food actually tastes good! Their odeng counters were my best friend everytime I needed some warm soup and good old tofu fishcake. And their sandwiches and salads taste so fresh!

We shared a tuna mayo sandwich, a carton of Lipton Milk Green Tea (so yums!) and a small package of potato and pumpkin salad. For some reason it felt like my best meal the whole trip, but it could have been because I was full of excitement for the day of fun to come!



We also brought along our favourite snacks – Almond Pepero for K and real Strawberry Pocky for me!



On the way up we had a good look at the springs – the air smelt funky – like rotten eggs mixed with fresh air from all that sulphur, but as we climbed higher and higher up the hill the air got fresher and soon I was feeling limber enough to stroll without my coat on! If Singapore weather was like that I would have no problem exercising every day!



A little pitstop, wanted to get a picture of the super cute hot springs resort behind us!




Just adore old school postboxes like this one! I have no idea why, I just love the idea of snail mail in the first place – that wonderful tingly feeling when you look in the letterbox and see a letter from your ‘penpal’, or even a package – it creates a thrill that e-mail will never be able to replicate.

Our spa resort was allll the way at the top of the hill, but it was well worth it for the privacy and the facilities.

Soak time!


The water was super hot! The thermometer read about 80 degrees, and when I dipped my legs in with the bravado of a crab that is about to be cooked and has no where to be run, they turned lobster red. I was literally getting boiled!

Had to let the cold water even everything out. Even then, K couldn’t take it. This is one reason why couples should never shower together if one loves soaking in ultra hot water and the other is more accustomed to splashing icy cold water on himself for a ‘refreshing’ bath.



Gross makeupless picture of me – I am only saved by the rosy glow that climbing a mountain in fresh icy air can give me.

Post hot spring soaking, we got a nice full body massage. It was heavenly, so heavenly I fell asleep and drooled all over my cheek heh heh.


Getting ready for our trek back down, all rosy cheeked and utterly relaxed!

We need to do this again !





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