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I promised myself no talk about work or the elections here, and I guess I’ve just broken my rule, but this is as far as its going to go – my blog is my personal space and I’ve got to keep it that way.

So, instead, I’m going to blog about the moments in between! Which may be boring, but for me has so far been the life sustaining moments that buoy me up and take away the fatigue.

This is me right now. I’m sulking because I know that no amount of makeup can save my eyebags and dark circles. I haven’t had a chance to trim my fringe so its kept up and off my face, and I feel naked without my bangs. In short, I have been feeling like a very ugly molerat.

However, I am still a lucky girl. Three of my wonderful bridesmaids, W, R, and J spent Saturday night with me hunting for the bridesmaids gowns, and I’m glad to say, mission accomplished! You will only get to see the lovely gowns in the wedding pictures though, K is quite annoyed with me at publishing every single thing on my blog.. haha.. quote “Like that people come for what?”

Just spending the last hour of the day sitting in my flat before I head back to my parents home also makes me happy!

Our new bookcase, assembled over a night last month (when I still had a life) with K.  I feel so warm and fuzzy whenever I look at it – all my favourite books, softoys, my crafting materials, teapots, =)

Homecooked breakfast and no makeup ( the only eyeliner you see is remnants from the night before because I have run out of remover and my gel liner is incredibly stubborn – I assure you I wash my face. Three times a day.)

My hammie, Toffee, who never fails to make me feel all gooey inside. I can spend hours alone with him in the cage next to me or running up and down my lap. I think it may be my imagination, but when I pick him up these days, he used his front paws and ‘hugs’ my fingers. -melts-

I also cross-dressed him. But he loved it! He tried to wriggle into the dress, and huffed and puffed cos he was such a fatty. Then he proceeded to throw up all the stored food in his mouth (a mountain of corn kernels) and poked his paws out triumphantly!

And our ginormous fridge arrived.

Yes as you can see, K and I are not into healthful eating. The Eagles think that love will keep them alive, but we prefer sweet tea, chocolates, and pocky thank you very much.

And then there’s strawberry shortcake ice cream on lovely hot waffles. Now that just cures everything




2 thoughts on “Election Week

  1. weiwei says:

    Jiayou! just two days more i think… post-election report etc. was hoping to bump into you since i read on fb that you’re following wp and i thought could have seen you in aljunied grc.

    1. libbyty says:

      hahahaha i’m following east coast wp =) (was at least). saw your entry on first day in an opp ward – so cute!

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