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Finally found some time last week to get my hair cut and dyed!

I love the results!

I’ve got my bangs back and also my hair is now rid of its many colors (thanks to many dye-overs) and a uniform shade of lavender ash! I also treated it so it feels much shinier and stronger now.

I was having a good hair/face day though – the next day my face broke out with a multitude of tiny little bumps all over my cheeks – I’m utterly devastated. My RoM is next week and I’m going to look like crap! -sobs into hands-

Also, I seem to have completely lost my mojo to work. Every morning its an absolute struggle to lug myself out of bed. This morning on the way to work, I burst into tears just thinking of the million things I have to do for my wedding and how little time I have left – is this the way its supposed to be?

The best part is, my fiance is practically glowing with health and happiness. I look like his abused wife post seven kids next to him =(

Here’s K at his tux fitting :


Trust him to eventually go for something unconventional. This, apparently, is a Japanese style tux suit thats sharper and more ‘seh’ than its European equivalent. I’m not sure which part of this suit justifies a thousand bucks, but he loves it and hey thats good enough for me!

And my little pageboy!


Looking equally smart in his little boy suit! My cousin, the other pageboy , up soon! He’s such a cutie pie.

Also over the weekend, a sisters-only meeting that involved too much snacking and laughing.

Abby and me made our first attempt at a no-bake cheesecake for Jings’ birthday!

What went in


Minnie Mouse at work, crushing Oreo bits with her glass fist.


Me beating the cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla. This is no easy job, I tell you, especially when all your tools are makeshift. If you inspect the picture above carefully, you will realize that my mixing bowl is also a rice cooker tub.


My favourite part: Mixing in the crushed oreo bits and also helping myself liberally to dollops of cheesecake filling and crumbly cookies.

After that, it was just letting the cheesecake set and discussing break-in games to torture K and his brothers.

And, of course, the yummiest snack in the world – my home made guacamole. I’m not too shy to say its awesome.


Happy Birthday Jings!


My angels!




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