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We had our dowry ceremony on Sunday, or Guo Da Li, and here are some photos thoughtfully taken and put together by K’s cousin, MM!

The pre-ceremony process was quite a headache! As we were both the first in our respective families to get married, we had no idea how to start!

His parents wanted a more traditional approach but my parents thought it was just a formality, and that led to some miscommunications, but it all turned out great in the end!

K getting ready with his entourage of 12 relatives – one to carry each basket of dowry items.


And here they are, received at the door by my Daddy!

Haha for curious friends, we are currently staying in my parents’ extra condo whilst our place in Frankel is being renovated, so don’t be confused on the day of our wedding itself when you see me leaving from a different place!

Some of the dowry items from K’s side:

All done up very prettily by K’s mom and his sister! They got beautiful lace trimmed dowry boxes from Jakarta specially because they thought I would like it – really nice of them! I’m going to scent them with rose linen water and use them to keep bed sheets next time – dual use!

And of course, how could I miss out the suckling pig!


Chopping up the pig was a laugh a minute! I was howling with laughter, so hard that I think I may even have burnt the calories I put on eating it =)

Now you know – never let my Mummy near a cleaver – I have a video of her taking two wild swings at it whilst everyone starts in horror. I never knew my mild and sweet Mother had it in her.


More pictures of us


Yay its closer and closer to the date and I’m getting so excited!!




2 thoughts on “Guo Da Li – The Dowry Ceremony.

  1. Vanessa says:

    Red looks very chinese and not modern isn’t it?
    I think the old generation still prefer to have red in weddings~

    1. libbyty says:

      haha yup but I think for Guo Da Li red is okay, my wedding will have much less! =)

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