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BKK for Nitcharee is my second trip for work and one that has touched me and reminded me why I want to be a reporter.

I was filled with anticipation and trepidation when I was told to go. One 7 am flight, ham and cheese croissant, fantastic photographer, and 2 hour plane ride later, I was on my way to search for Nong Than at the Sirindhorn Centre.

Nitcharee’s spirit is amazing. She is the singular most courageous, kind, and positive girl I have ever had the fortune to meet in my life – instead of wallowing in the misery of her loss, she chooses to inspire with her determination. How many people can do that?

At the Sirindhorn Centre:



Photo credit: Samuel He

Here is Nong Than (her nickname) feeding me spicy larb (minced pork and basil) with sticky rice after I laughed at her. She had been complaining about how spicy the food was and finished a whole can of coke, and demanded that I try it too!

Snapping pictures of her pig cake from the Ministry of Public Health – she is something of a little celebrity here in Thailand, and everyone knows her favourite animal is a pig! When I asked her why she wasn’t eating the cake, she smiled shyly and said she couldn’t bear to (but she’s perfectly fine with eating the real thing lol)

I am very sure she will soon be back on her own two feet, literally, and very soon, she’ll be running and jumping and playing basketball just like she used to !




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2 thoughts on “BKK for Nitcharee.

  1. captain obvious says:

    touching ber.

    1. libbyty says:

      thanks bun. coming home soon right!

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