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Our first day in Tokyo (or rather half a day) was spent just being pigs.

We’d checked ourself into a huge (by Japanese standards, the size of two HDB bedrooms) hotel room in Shinagawa and taken a lovely long momo peach scented bubble bath to wash away the travel fatigue.

And then set out in search of good grub.

First stop : Dinner !

We went to this little hole in the wall sushi place near Shinagawa Station recommended by one of the friendly hotel staff !

Its called Tsukiji Tamasushi (After the famous fish market) and we were rather apprehensive when we found out that the whole place was filled with Japanese and also there were no English menus.

But it also meant it was probably authentic! So armed with sign language and a burning desire for good food, we sallied forth.

We ordered a sashimi moriwase set (mixed sashimi) and also two to three orders of seared salmon.

The seared salmon was gone so fast I didn’t even get to take a picture.

Utterly melt in your mouth divine ! Only bested by the amazing sushi we had at the market itself (will blog about it)

Hungry monsters x matcha !


Very umami ! Must be from the delicious konbu they used for the dashi stock ! Chock full of fresh seafood, creamy light and smooth.

The sushi chef – he seemed to think we were very funny and we caught him stifling laughter several times.

Maybe he was sniggering at our mangled Japanese? Whatever it was he threw in an extra slice of super yummy sea urchin so I’m not complaining.

Our Sashimi Moriwase !

Brimming with fresh seafoody goodness.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was – K was certainly doing the job with all his ‘Oishii desu’ sound effects !

Everything was super fresh, especially the tuna, roe, scallops, and swordfish.

Really reasonably priced for the quality, too ! All fish are bought early in the morning from Tsukiji and nothing is more than half a day old.

You can find Tsukiji Tamasushi in Shinagawa West, B1.

Its also at Takashimaya Times Square in Shinjuku, where its buffet-style instead.

For desserts and a walk to fight the flab, we headed down to Ginza !

Miu Miu x Aldo

The summer edition of my favourite drink, Calpis!

This is tropical Calpis with a hint of pineapple, banana, and cherry.

K and I drank it like water when we were there, it was just that refreshing and the best thing to beat the heat (plus SPF, of course!)

The last time I was in Tokyo, I was just 14 and unable to really appreciate the city.

Now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I see how much character Tokyo has – how almost every quarter has its own unique identity and architecture.

The streets of Ginza, 銀座,  were a revelation – I could almost imagine it 50 years earlier, when geishas would stroll down on the arms of dapper Japanese men dressed sharply in suits and top hats.

The architecture was conceived by an Irish man, hence the colors and the heavy use of black ‘bobby’ lampposts and dark wood, yet it is now one of the most luxe shopping districts in the world.

The perfect balance of old world and modern convenience.

A little knackered from all the walking, we popped into our favourite sweets place for a little dessert !

Laduree x Mitsukoshi !

We asked for seats by the window. Whilst there isn’t that lovely alfresco vibe one can enjoy at the Laduree along the Champs Elysees in Paris, its is quite possibly the next best thing!

I did not have high expectations frankly because I had such a bad experience at the Laduree in Harrods. Hankering for a piece of Paris when I was studying in London, I headed down to Harrods and bought a whole box of macarons, hoping to enjoy them with a cup of fruit tea on a rainy day in my dormitory.

The macarons came out mealy, crusty, and all around unappetizing. At almost $8 a macaron, I felt completely ripped off. The taste was not even close to Paris.

Rant over, We decided to just go for it anyway and ordered a selection of tea favourites. I had the violette tea, he had a rose petal tea, and we got some macarons (summer edition: thyme and yuzu!) and our classics!

I daresay these were even better than the ones we had in Paris ! Perfectly done, really. The thyme one was an absolute sensory delight !

No prizes for guessing my order:

Saint-Honoré Rose-Framboise

Please don’t even try to pretend that the version served at Antoinette’s here can hold a candle to it !

It was a luscious delight – rose petal chantilly cream, rose custard on perfectly moresome profiteroles, it was a dream to eat, and it really brought us back to those lovely days in Paris.  (click to read entry)

K had something slightly more manly:

Mont-blanc, self explanatory

Also very well done – unlike the stodgy one we had at Angelina’s .

Ladurée in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi

Honten Honkan B1F, 1-4-1,
Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8001
Tél : +81 (0) 3 3274 0355

Happy Porkers !

Life felt so perfect that day – strolling hand in hand in the twilight at Ginza, just taking life as it came, knowing that there were 8 more fun-filled days of just me and K ahead.

Memories to keep..




3 thoughts on “Tamasushi + Laduree

  1. weiwei says:

    The mixed sashimi set looks damn good! And I SO wanna stay in a Disney hotel. Haha. 😀

    1. libbyty says:

      yes you must go to Tokyo! I’m blogging about even better sashimi soon at the Fish market heh heh! Sorry for the blog post flood!

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