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We spent an evening and two afternoons hanging around Harajuku !

We didn’t count on it having any fantastic food, but boy were we wrong. Move over gourmet sushi and kaiseki dining, ambrosia is to be had in a simple little cafe in Harajuku!

The train entrance opens right into the Omotesando Arcade, or a little street of shops selling cute accessories, trendy clothing, purikura arcardes, and also gothic lolita stuff.

The highlight?


Hitting my favourite gyaru store, Liz Lisa! This one is three levels, Liz Lisa, Tralala, and Liz Lisa Chambre A Coucher, their new line of home wear and house essentials that all smell and look gorgeously marshmallowy soft! Will put up pictures of my new LL house items soon!

Incidentally, spent a bomb here. K labelled this photo on FB as “The place B spent all my money.” hahaha.

Weird sights along H (these pix were taken in the evening so pardon the slighty dusky feel)


Scary Mannequins!

And of course, yummy patisserie crepes!

There are two main crepe shops, both facing each other along the arcade. There’s a bit of a debate going on about which one is better – Marion, or Angel Hearts. Both have fairly long queues on hot summer days. Having tried both, my conclusion is that Marion is far better!


The array of crepes on offer is quite mind boggling =)  But we didn’t take too long in making up our minds because K and I share a common penchant for strawberries, cream, and cheesecake!

= Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Crepe desu !

Yumminess in the making – spot the slice of real cheesecake (frozen and dense!) , super sweet strawberries, light swirls of whipped cream, and a large scoop of strawberry ice cream on a light, fluffy-crispy crepe made a la minute !


Sprinkled with pie-crust! It was really super good! We sat on these little white benches by the crepe shop and nommed it all down at one go, not stopping except to enunciate how very yummy it was – “Oiishiii desu!!!”  like the fake Japanese we are.

The next time we headed down to Harajuku was to visit the Meiji Jingu, or Meiji shrine, the most famous Shinto shrine in Tokyo. This is my second time there, so I was pretty familiar with the area. Its surrounded by a little forest/park and walking in the shade there on a blazing hot summer’s day may be the best way to beat the heat (or second best, after a freezing cold slug of Calpis!)



Hair-flowers: Claire’s, Harajuku,

Inner shirt: Dip Drop

Floral jumper dress: Liz Lisa summer

Shoes: Miu Miu

Socks: Harajuku Sock Shop

Bag: Balenciaga Giant Brogues City in Praline – my favourite bag of the moment. Ginza Mitsukoshi.

Alice Charm: Disneyland !

It was a wonderfully bright and sunny day !

Meiji-Jingu is at the same stop as Harajuku station on the JR line. =)


The hubs being a tourist.


Two Japanese ladies wearing their Yukata (casual summer kimono) out for a walk to the Meiji shrine. We saw many young Japanese girls doing the same, but in beautiful floral yukatas instead!

Cleansing at the entrance of the shrine.

Please observe protocol!

1) Pick up the ladle with your right hand

2) Fill the ladle with water coming from the bamboo tap

3) Wash your left hand, then switch and wash your right

4) Pour water into your left hand and drink some.

5) Fill the ladle again, and this time hold it up so the water streams down and cleans the entire handle.


K was repeatedly “Annyong Haseyo”-ed the entire trip whereas people spoke to me in Japanese. I suppose I should be glad that I was approached non stop in Shinjuku by people asking me to patronize men’s bars ha ha ha. Apparently they only offer it to locals !

Writing out prayer requests!

We aren’t Buddhists but we thought it would be meaningful anyway ..


The photo below is of me stomping off in a huff after we quarrelled at the shrine !

Lets just say that when you see too much of each other for too long everyday under sweltering hot weather, differences occur. And this was a quintessential mars vs venus moment – directions! I’d taken us off on the completely wrong route but was still being a complete bitch about it and somehow found a way to blame it on him.

-repentant face-

It was back to Harajuku for the best bistro lunch I have ever had at Caffe Solare !



This is my prawn avocado mentaiko rice and it is the MOST AWESOMESAUCE RICE BOWL I EVER .

Its just a perfect medley of flavours. Japanese rice, soft, fluffy and moresome, topped with super fresh and butter avocado, crunchy prawns, and MENTAIKO MAYONNAISE. My favourite topping! It was amazing. We came back just to have this again, and K was having an food-gasm every time.

They also do a really good smoked salmon and lady’s finger rice bowl.


Me, dying to dig in!


K and his croque monsieur with chicken salad on the side, which was also really good!

Fresh, quick bistro food, all prepared carefully and lovingly (like all Japanese food) – a must try…


Reviews on Sadaharu Aoki matcha eclairs and our first week anniversary story to come!


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