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My wonderful friend Aiko brought K and I to Roppongi Hills one night to enjoy the Tokyo Tower from the Observation Deck – she was so thoughtful she even brought along a mini adjustable tripod for us to take nice pictures of the city scapes!

She also bought us tickets to the Mori Art Museum for its latest French Art Exhibition !

The sight from the top was beautiful but also melancholic. Young couples sat around with their arms around each other, taking in the winking city scape –

But just a few months ago, the same city scape was about four to five times brighter! The roads were full of cars buzzing up and down, and the bill boards would glow all night.

That was before the most recent tsunami. Since then, power cuts have required most of the buildings to turn off their lights after 8 0r 9 pm – the streets are quieter and although life goes on, worry is evident in the faces of Tokyo’s residents.

We watched the view until about 1030, when suddenly, the Tokyo Tower’s lights also went off !

I thought it was just a temporary thing, when Aiko told me:

“The truth is, although it seems that everything is ok on the surface, the city is still very aware and still hurting from the tsunami. The only difference is that we are strong enough to keep going.”

That reminded me that the Fukushima situation is still not under control. So many Japanese mothers still worry whether their children face long term radiaoctivity damage. The family of the Fukushima 50 have had their lives changed forever. Now and then, tremors shake the capital city and all the Japanese people stand still in fear that today they may not be as lucky as they were before.

Dear Aiko,

Thank you for your perspective. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Thank you for being so friendly and saying hi to me (that slightly hostile anti-social girl) who sat next to you in class at the LSE in London. Although we only managed to squeeze in a few lunches together, our conversations were insightful. Unlike lazy old me, you would wake up early every morning at Roseburn Hall, have your breakfast, and be off to school around the time I decided to finally roll of my bed ! Thank you for entertaining my whims about Japanese food and where to find the best baumkuchen, thank you for cracking up like a schoolgirl when I mispronounced Manneken Pis, and thank you for sharing with me what it means to be Japanese..

We’ll be back soon!

Lots of love and Hello Kitty Hugs !



2 thoughts on “Tokyo Tower

  1. weiwei says:

    I do not eat innards too. Out of point for this entry, but seeing as it is the most recent one. And kudos to the Japanese for staying strong. I shall visit the country some day. 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      haha yeah they smell funky! =) go soon! I may be going again come December =)

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