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Hi guys.. a long overdue post about my Church Wedding.

Sorry that so far all I have are low-res pictures .. I’m still waiting on my beautiful wedding pictures from Moomedia, and a video of the groomsmen and bridesmaids dance!

I thought of blogging about our wedding today to perk me up a little – its been a tough three days without him so far, but then we are for better or for worse, aren’t we? I’m not going to let a few rainy days put a dampener on what is supposed to be a honeymoon period for us !

But sad thoughts away – I present our Church Wedding !

We got married at the Church Of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, which I’ve been attending since I was 2 ! It was also super convenient for the bridal convoys because its right in between his home in Siglap and mine in Frankel. (It also meant we could prolong the break-in games but that its a story for another day =))

I’m not sure how to blog about my church wedding because I spent 3/4 of the time being moved around and feeling like an absolute nervous wreck until we said our vows !

Yup, that’s supposed to be us in our alter-verse, the Sylvanian Families edition ! I love how the little rabbit gown has a poufy skirt and cinderella puff sleeves just like my real gown =) K of course was not wearing a powder blue suit – because its only cute on a bunny and would have murdered his manly sensibilities !

The church was beautifully turned out, just like how I envisioned it would be =) It was like a dream seeing my family and friends in the pews and my beautiful bridesmaids looking at me tearily.

The awfully traditional silver bells and gauzy silver drapes – Old fashioned I know but I’m a firm believer in old fashioned romance and traditional Catholic weddings !

And the bridal procession:  *.*

My adorable little cousin Chern Hong was the pageboy, along with K’s cousin Hao Jun in their super cute little mini tuxedos . My flower girls, Nicole, Jade, and Christine were also prettily dressed in pink, white, and pearls to match the fairy tale theme.  I still laugh when I remember the rehearsals – the imaginary audience and priests !

And my handsome Daddy leading me in to give me away -tears-

It was such an emotional moment for me walking down the aisle with my father. All my life we have had a tempestuous relationship because we are so alike – but I have always known (although he would never admit it) that my father is enormously proud of me no matter what I do wrong. And I have always strived to live up to his expectations for me, because he knows what is the best I can be.

From being there for me during my first swim in a polka dotted baby bikini, to standing proudly next to me at my graduation, to giving away a blushing bride,  both him and Mummy have raised me to bear such enormous love for them that my heart aches whenever they are not around.

K waiting expectantly for me:

This photo makes me smile like crazy – until the sides of my cheeks hurt. I love his expression – anticipation, joy, nervousness, all in one. How glad I am to know that I can inspire such emotion in you =)

Daddy giving me away.

Would you like to know what he said? Haha I can’t tell you. There’s something sacred about a father-in-law’s first words to his son-in-law. I just hope that K fulfills that expectation and hope =)

We were led to a pair of beautiful satin white chairs and sat down. The first thing K did was to nervously grab my hand. And I was glad he did, because it was really comforting and I thought. “Yes, this is it. We’re in it together =) “


Our cream and silver embossed wedding mass booklets. You can’t see it here, but there is a line below saying “Making One of Two” that sums up my belief of what marriage is supposed to be perfectly =)

And yes, that cameo is us. Isn’t it gorgeous? Designed by my wonderful friend Gwen, who slaved for hours at photoshop to make it special for me.

The first page is a poem I dedicated to K – you can look it up if you want – its very meaningful to me – How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

My little brother Paul did the first reading:

I firmly believe in holding your wedding in the church you were raised in. I heard that some want to hold their weddings in ‘pretty churches’ or ‘more liberal churches’ which allow them to place more flowers on the altar. But I think that a wedding should be held in the church community which has been supporting you and teaching you. So that as a married couple you can still benefit from that support and meaning.

I also felt extra special feeling the transition from chubby cheek pig tailed three year old whining about attending mass at the back of the church to me today, sitting in front of Jesus and feeling as if nothing in my life has ever made me feel more close to God =)

Another photo of Paul for all his fans.

And the next big thing in the Soh family, my little brother Daniel, aka Nonny.

Doesn’t he look dashing?

And the flowers:

I really love the mix of petals – both lush and deep pink and fragile pale pink roses with cream blooms and ribbons in pretty country style white garden pots. =)

Another photo with my train:


Just before we said our vows. This photo really touched me. K and I in the presence of God, and our fathers on the left and right side watching on. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside =)

The boys:

March of the penguins !

My Yeye in his sharp Brooks Brothers suit. When I saw him sitting alone there, I cried. I thought of my beloved grandmother and how I wished so badly that she would be there for my wedding. It would have meant the world to me if Amah had survived for my wedding, but I know that she was watching on with love in her smile and tears in her eyes from Heaven, doubly blessing our wedding.

Then the time came to say our vows:

Our beautiful ring pillow, painstakingly hand crafted by my bridesmaid Joyce. Every single item was made from hand – the little blue birds with their top hat and tiara, and pretty pink roses, and the pillow itself. We chose simple bands from Tiffany’s, classics – the half diamond for me and the platinum milgrain for K.

“I take thee as my wedded wife.”

“I take thee as my wedded husband”

I cried ! We both cried ! There I’ve gone and did the emotional bride thing. I had always imagined that the stress from the day would make me too nervous to feel anything but it was such a wonderful moment when he put the ring on my finger and I put mine on his.  We were One. =)

If you want to see the tearing in full HD, please watch our wedding video here 

Our first kiss as man and wife.

And then the blessing from the congregation, my favourite part.

Father Vaz led the congregation in placing their hands on us and blessing our marriage. I know some people like to say that marriage should just be about two people but the truth is, it never is. We are part of families and we have friends who we would love to be blessed and nurtured by.

Getting Father Vaz to marry us was also one of the things I’ve always known I’ve wanted. He baptized me as a baby and has been my Mummy’s close friend and spiritual confidante all these years. He led us through marriage preparation and has counselled us on many occasions when we were about to crack from the strain and stress getting ready for a lifetime commitment put on us. And we came out strong, we came out One.


Taking the Eucharist.

And it was time to walk out of the church, Man and Wife !

At last =)

My beautiful mother beaming with joy !

Signing the cert with our witnesses. Doesn’t Abby look positively fairy-like?

With our families

My new mother, father, brother, and sister !

The Soh family !

From right: Paulsy, Ye ye, Debbie, David, Fr Vaz, K, Me, Daniel, Mummy, Daddy, and Marky.

Some snaps after the mass :

With Chern Hong, who had all the ladies swooning. He’s going to be a real charmer when he grows up, and I’m going to be standing there making sure he only gets a real princess  !

With our wonderful bridal party !

Introducing the heroes and heroines behind the scenes!

Top: KY, YK, Lester, MM, Don, Alan, TP, Lyson, YB !

Bottom:  Joanne, Rach, LY, Abby, Lydia, Joyce (who sang like an angel during the Psalms), Jings, Wanyu, Val !

Happy-Ing !

Can I just say how much I love my bouquet? I spent weeks discussing it with my wonderful florist, Lindt, who specially imported pale pink peonies for it. It was so lovely and dreamy – fluttery, pale pink, dust pink – a princess bouquet !

Went down to the mini reception area where a cotton candy machine and baskets of scrummy chocolate and vanilla madeleines by Glace Patisserie were being given out to hungry guests. We also had Caprisonne for a mess-free refresher !

Me trying my hand (and failing) at making pink cotton candy!

멋진 왕자님
나는 공주님 모두들 우리를 축하해요 !

“What God has United, Man Cannot Divide.”

All my wonderful readers who have been e-supporting me through everything, I hope you enjoyed this post !




2 thoughts on “Two is Better Than One

  1. Hi Libby~
    I’m not sure how, but I’ve stumbled across your lovely blog and I just wanted to congratulate you on your wedding and thank you for sharing in such a personal way. God bless the both of you! Also, regarding your posts from your (amazing-looking!!!) trips to Europe and what you said about it making you happy to blog about it, even for the moment.. I completeeeely understand. Because it’s what I do/am doing too. Continue on life with faith and joy sister! 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      Hi there, thanks so much for your sweet comment my dear, it really made my day ! 🙂 So happy that someone also gets it about blogging about trips (even in minute detail) making you happy cos its like reliving the memories. Love your Japan posts, you’ve got yourself a new reader !! Keep blogging xx 🙂

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