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Sorry for the recent lack of entries – work has been absolutely crazy !

I’ve covered two stories in the past week which have made me do a lot of thinking and also affected me emotionally more than I thought they would .  The first were the double suicides at Bedok Reservoir and the second was the more recent Mersing tragedy where two Singaporeans still remain missing. One is a young father with a 7 month old son and a grieving wife.

All I can say is thank God that I have never been in a situation so desperate that I might even consider ending my life or those of others – it’s often easy to believe that you would never have an hour that dark in your life, or that lives are not yours to take, but what about when it looks like there is no hope or end in sight for you ?

What I firmly believe in, though, is the power of a mothers’ love. And that a mother would never knowingly take the life of her child without believing strongly that that was the best thing that she could have done for him. It may be the absolutely wrong thing to do, but it is not murder.

I’m not going to go into all that treasure-all-you-have / dont-take-things-for granted hyperbole because its pretty obvious. I just want to make sure that every day from now I count my blessings. And I have also been re-looking into my priorities – if you only had another day to live, what would you spend it doing?

To be brutally honest, I’m not sure where I am in my life right now. My day follows an almost clockwork schedule. I am woken up most mornings by my husbands’ goodbye kiss, spend a precious hour playing with and feeding Benjy, and I’m off to work. Every morning its a struggle to hear him whining in his playpen for my attention as I leave the house.

I work late, go home, eat an even later dinner, and K is usually half-asleep on the couch. We shower, and then we sleep. And its another day. There is no quality time to speak of until the weekends, which we treasure like Gold.

I think we need to take a short holiday together, just to remind ourselves that we are newlyweds who should be crazy about spending time with each other. I don’t want the only communication we have with each other to be snores and short phone calls during the day to ask about what time we’re coming home and who is going to feed the puppy.

I’m going to be pro-active about making my life better – no more bitching and moaning about how terrible it is. It is sometimes therapeutic to wallow in self pity, but the truth is, it doesn’t make anything better.

(OK now that I have made my whole speech I’m a bit nervous about making it work ha ha)

Some little things that have been making me smile the past two weeks:

My new Hello Kitty Wayfarers ! Aren’t they super cute ! I might just wear them out one day –

actually I think I will in Seoul ! Abby has a pair too !

And little Benjy continues to be spoilt rotten – I have no idea how much I spend on him every week – every time I see a cute doggy outfit or some really tasty organic doggy treats I buy them – toffee milk cookies for his breath, kiwi and flaxseed oil for his skin – this little guy has better nutrition than us.

Recently, to make him feel even more like he’s part of the family, we got him a little bed of his own, which we placed opposite ours so that he knows we are there and can sleep peacefully every night (I attest to his little puppy snores)

I don’t understand that grumpy look on his face – it must be a Schnauzer characteristic.

Anyway he’s grown so much ! He’s started dragging his shoes over to us whenever he wants to take a walk, and developed all kinds of funny puppy sounds to describe a whole variety of emotions! He has truly brought so much joy into my life – I look forward to just crashing out on the couch with K and him for one blissful hour before its time to go to bed.

My Yeye also turned a ripe old 90 last week !

We went to Ba Xian at the Tower Club to celebrate.

There’s a stunning view from the 62nd floor but it was a little hazy that day so the pictures didn’t turn out so well.

Love the pretty cutlery – its all from Versace !

It can be a little unwieldy drinking Chinese tea from a cup held up by a wing, but its great fun !

My favourite part of Chinese birthdays – the Peach Longevity Bun.

Ba Xian’s version is very refined – nothing like those coarse neon pink buns you get at normal Chinese restaurants, which K aptly describes as “Baboon Backside Buns” (never knew my art-illiterate husband was such a fan of alliteration)

We updated it with a little slice of our favourite strawberry jell-o marshmallow cheesecake squares !

A hungry Mark is an angry Mark.

I only snapped some photos of the food I thought was worth trying. The dimsum was hit and miss to me, but I am a HUGE dimsum Nazi so you may want to manage your expectations when it comes to my reviews.

There is no picture of their Xiao Long Baos here but they were really good! The skin was thin with that slightly sticky texture that I always associate with good Xiao Long Bao – it sticks slightly to your chopsticks and is also a sign that not too much flour was used to make the delicate skins.

The broth was also delicious – it was infused with scallops ! Gave it a real umami taste.

Golden ‘ingot’ fried wantons, complete with lace doily and little handmade purple rose.

These were also very well executed. The shrimp inside was juicy and plump, but not in that overly crunchy way – did you know that many Chinese restaurants use soda water to give stale shrimps that swollen, juicy look? Its not only bad for your health, but also tastes unnaturally crunchy.

Shrimp Har Gow

Fresh prawns, delicate skin! Perfect with their tangy chilli sauce

Chee Cheong Fun in a special customized plate.

I love the concept ! I always can’t decide if I want prawn, scallop, or char siew chee cheong fun, so this was perfect because there were little pieces of each !

Skin could be thinner and smoother, therefore absorbing more of that yummy soy based sauce and making it a taste sensation,  but it was not bad overall.

And my favourite dimsum indulgence !

Egg tarts !

Oh these mini babies were sooo good! Smooth, sweet, eggy custard in flaky pastry nests ! I had three before I decided to control myself!

Finally, the birthday boy !

Happy Birthday my Dear Yeye !

We thank God every year that you are in such great physical and mental health ! =)

Ba Xian @ Tower Club 

9 Raffles Place, #62-64 

Penthouse Republic Plaza Tower 1 

 6737 3388

*Please note that dining is restricted to members of Tower Club only – and membership is only by invitation.




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