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The 3 of us decided to head out for brunch on Saturday morning.

We’d read about this cute little place called Hummerstons that supposedly had the best pancakes in the island.

So we called up, found out that they have furkid-friendly al-fresco dining and that was that !

Hummerstons was quite quiet when we reached there around 1 pm (late brunch!)

We had the al-fresco area all to ourselves and the indoor dining was about half full, mainly with Caucasian and Japanese families.

The vibe was very Aussie breakfast bistro – nice bright lights, clean white furniture that was slightly rustic, and blonde wood accents.

What I heard, though, is that its actually Canadian !

Cute bar stools !

The menu was undoubtedly Canadian influenced – they use 100 per cent pure Canadian maple syrup, serve five different kinds of poutine, and use Canadian bacon in their Eggs Benny.

By the way, all the photos in this post are taken with an Iphone, so pardon the less than crisp resolution – I hope I do the food justice.

I ordered the Contessa Grey tea – very reasonable at $5.50 a pot.

The sugar cubes are such a nice touch – I always get a kick out of watching it get all disintegrated around the edges as it dissolves slowly in my tea.  SO much more fun than shaking a packet and spilling half of it on your teacup saucer.

The tea was very nice – light and fragrant.

Waiting for our food:

At the rate I make funny faces at Benjy, I’ll need Botox real soon.

Also, at the rate I buy Benjy clothes, I might be too poor to actually afford the Botox. His Rilakumma shirt is Original Sanrio and horribly expensive. I can only console myself  in the knowledge that people might look at my dog and instantly recognize him for the fashion forward pooch that he is.

First up:


Poutine is essentially a French Canadian snack favourite of well-cut French fries drowned in brown gravy and cheese curds.

Hummerston’s spin on it was similarly french fries with gravy but they used Emmenthal Cheese instead.

It was nothing to shout about – the fries were nice but the gravy was too sweet, and the Emmenthal cheese looked stingy – I would have wanted to try the original cheese curds instead.

The next time we come we may try the other four versions instead. There is one called the Montreal that has foie gras !

In case you were wondering if bringing Benjy was bothersome, the answer is not at all!

He barely makes noises,and we’ve hammered it into him that he’s not allowed to beg at the table or touch any of the food we are eating.

Of course, that doesn’t stop him from gazing longingly at our food and trying to look like he hasn’t been fed for a week.

So we bring along his kiwi and flaxseed organic cookies.

Awwww =)

The mains arrive !

My Eggs Benny.

It was passable – One egg was just right and the other was just a touch overcooked. The potatoes were ok but the roasted capsicum was nice and sweet. What I really liked was the English muffins – buttered and toasted till crispy with just enough chew – no stodgy MacDs with grape jam for me !

So my verdict is that its better executed than most but Spruce’s is still the best !

K’s Hummerston’s Grandma’s Pancakes (they claim to have a special recipe!)

They may not look like your run of the mill perfectly round, palely golden hotcakes but they are not burnt or crusty – they are just delicious.

I’m pretty sure they use buttermilk because the pancakes had a lovely depth and were silkily rich without making you feel like you swallowed a bag of concrete (as some hotcakes are apt to do).

The fruits were also good – added a nice tartness that helped cut through the creaminess of the butter and pancakes.

One of the best I’ve tried – and K agrees !

Nice touches included the maple syrup and whipped butter. It tasted very home-made and very organic, with a slightly luxe edge from the light-creamy-smooth whipped butter.

We decided to be a little greedy and ordered a dessert – the Hummerston apple tart.

Which is basically cooked and caramelized apples and raisins on a macaron base, topped with a scoop of their in-house Vanille Bean ice cream and a swirl of caramel.

There were highs and lows. The apples were perfect and tart but melt in your mouth. The ice cream was gorgeous – like vanilla bean clotted cream – but I wish they had stuck to a traditional tart base instead of using a macaron – it made the tart waaay too sweet.

Overall, it was a lovely place for a late brunch – quiet, private, with attentive service and prompt food.

I would come back – if only to try the other dishes on the menu – their California Fish tacos with lime-chipotle sauce makes my mouth water just at the sound of it !

Bon Appetit !


11 Unity Street,  #02-14 Roberston Walk, Singapore. 

6737 8863




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    jubes, why u kenna reported by your neighbours

    1. libbyty says:

      ask me on fb chat la ha ha

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