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Let me introduce to you our favorite eating place in Jakarta

Social House !


Also tucked away in Grand Indonesia on the first level, its a huge restaurant / bar / winepost (captain obvious) and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, and my favourite meal of the day, brunch !

They have an amazing fruit juice bar and drinks selection – all sound glorious and are served in huge glasses for as much refreshment as you are looking for =)

The interior is airy, high ceiling-ed, with quirkly furniture (fire engine red fruit bar stools) and light wooden dining sets to give the place a very breezy Sunday morning feel.

We were absolutely starving, having spent the better part of the previous hour in one of Jakarta’s infamous traffic jams. These traffic jams, unlike any of their fruity counterparts, will only leave a sour taste in your mouth (after you have run out of mints to chew because of carsickness).

The worst jam I have ever been in was on route to the airport on my last trip there. It was an excrutiating two hour drive and I was distinctly green when we had finally reached.  Not a great way to end the trip.

I heard that the SEA games is coming to JKT and Palembang so friends who are headed there for the holiday, don’t go during that time, because you might spend more of your time in traffic than actually enjoying yourself.

Right back to Social House.


OMG ? I couldn’t have said it better myself. There is nothing I enjoy more than just eating myself into a gastronomical stupor. Some days, I sit at my laptop at work, picturing my wonderful dinner (when I go home, I will cook up some yummy oeufs en cocotte to go with my butternut pumpkin risotto) and that takes me through the night even though by the time I get home, the real dinner is (hastily cooked kimchi ramyun with an undercooked egg and whatever wilted vegetables there are left in the fridge)


The quirky menu .

And the food (and drinks!)


K’s giganormous Iced Tea.

It was lovely! First of all, big portions are always a pleasant surprise (I have been served a ‘beef medallion’ the size of half my pinky before and been charged $32 and it was so not funny).

Second of all, I never knew a drink could be … wait for it … complex.

The tea was mild, fragrant, and light, paired with freshly crushed mint leaves, lemon wedges, a sugar cane stirrer, and and and the piece de resistance  – a wonderfully icey and tart scoop of lemon lime sorbet.

Crazily refreshing !

Another Happy Hubs picture:


Everytime I look at his poreless pink skin I feel like stabbing my vain bleeding heart (as does my bank account which pays for the SK2 that stop me from morphing into a pimple studded monstrosity)

The Hubs ordered the Farmer’s Breakfast, which would only be in the farming way if farmers ate wagyu for fortification every morning.

It was similarly, awesome.

Wagyu Steak /  Roast Sausage / Streaky Bacon / Sunny Side Up Egg / Home made Potato Fries / Truffle Mayonnaise.

Everything was wiped clean off the plate.

Wagyu – Smooth, buttery perfection

Roast sausage – Porky salty goodness

Potato Fries – Handcut fluffy russet wedges deep fried golden

Truffle Mayo – Made in house, thick and creamy and perfumed with real truffle (non of that synthetic shit)

My mains was similarly heartwarming:


Parpadelle Pasta with Lyonnaise Sausage in a Truffle Butter Sauce

I wish my pasta would have been cooked slightly longer (but I like my pasta soft and chewy like baby food). Everything else was great – the stewed mushrooms, flavourful sausage, and that divine sauce that I had to control myself from drinking right off the plate.



Would you just take the photo already so I can get myself started  !

More interior snaps:

At the risk of sounding gauche, they had WIFI yay ! Nothing like some FB stalking to work off that post lunch belly…

Which was promptly enriched by desserts !


Their afternoon tea platter. Scones were nice, so were the savoury sarnies (smoked salmon and cream cheese, tomato and cheddar, etc) but I was unimpressed by the butter instead of clotted cream and the very weird addition of chips?!

All in all though, a wonderful place to fill your bellies in the comfort of your favourite luxury shopping centre.

Social House, Grand Indonesia 

Jalan MH. Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia





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