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Suffering from a bit of writer’s fatigue recently, so will just keep this post short and simple!

Another edition of things that make me smile.

Benjy “The Bench” Teo, my little scruffy that everyone claims actually poses for pictures. I wouldn’t be surprised since I already have that effect on K , my late hammie Toffee, and now B.

“Whuut, there ain’t nothin’ you can make me do that I don’t already want to do myself.”

“But I do think this red ranger bandanna here is quite spiffy indeed!”

Been spending almost every weekend at home with the Hubs and Benjy, or just hanging out with friends and family – just the way I like it – Taboo at halloween parties with awesome food, chillin’ with some Moscato and white wine with J, Boons, and LY, and just in general trying to count down the days to my Seoul trip.

Work-wise, lets just say that things have not really been hunky-dory.

I’m not sure if I’ve been treated too well or that I suffer from the syndrome of seeing through rose-tinted glass but I’ve always been under the impression that hard work will be seen and supported.

And so it is that I’m feeling not just a little humiliated about an article of mine that ran recently. For about two months, I did interviews very late at night or very early in the morning – I begged people who wanted to do nothing less than hang up on me to speak to me on the phone, I thought I did the due diligence and I had the stuff.

But just a few words and emails kind of knocked the wind out of me –  questioning my sources? asking that the ‘veracity’ of my story be ‘vigorously verified’? (clearly this person has something going on for alliterations as well). The worse part is, the whole saga actually led me to doubt myself, i.e. sitting in a toilet holding my notebooks and crying, or eating too much ice cream by myself on my day off.

Was it really worth it? To stick my neck out and then be completely and utterly exposed to negative criticism? I know its part and parcel of the job but I wonder if I’m cut out for it. I have horrendously thin skin when it comes to people questioning my integrity and that’s a chip I will always carry on my shoulder.

In any case, my favourite phrase ‘this too will pass’ comes to mind when I’m wondering what kind of mindset I should be adopting to overcome this personal crisis of sorts. Although that too begs the question – WHEN?

Only God knows.

Now that I’m done with my rant – happy food pictures.

Met up with Abby and LY for din-dins at Skinny Pizza some time last week. One look at the place and I knew it had to be part of the House / Barracks group because the menu had all the trademarks and all the usual favourites.

We ordered the Salami and Feta Pizza which I felt very pretty underwhelming – the crust had the consistency of pappadum crackers minus the peppery bursts and the toppings were less than generous.

Oh but I loved the sides!

 Seared Brie crusted with nuts and grains and toasted baguette

I really enjoyed this – the nice salty creaminess of the brie was cut through by the heat and the yummy crust. Perfect with bread! I’d like to make this myself – it would make such a lovely starter for dinner parties!

Sweet Potato Nibblets!

I love sweet potatoes and this was really pretty good! The quality of the sweet potatoes was so-so, but the nice soft parts coated with a light, honey drizzled (I think) batter and sprinkled with sesame seeds was the ultimate comfort food for me. Whenever I’m ill I crave sweet potatoes!

The last side was the popular favourite – Truffled Parsley mashed potatoes

We felt the consistency was a little over-mashed – almost like pureed (making it puree and not mash) but taste wise it was nice and buttery, not too salty, and perked up with the splash of truffle oil .

Skinny Pizza

501 Orchard Road, #03-04 Wheelock Place

To end off, my drink of the moment and the cutest Krispy Kreme donut ever !

Toffeeee Nutttt !




2 thoughts on “Benjy “The Bench” Teo

  1. weiwei says:

    Writing is very subjective. I guess what can be confirmed is that your piece struck a chord with the person, whether negative or otherwise, that he/she bothered to send across an email. Just suck it in, babe.

    Like you said, this too will pass.

    Continue doing “investigative journalism” please. There are just too many “Pr-led” articles nowadays, it’s nauseating (good for business, but nauseating nonetheless). Jiayouz….^.^

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks Weiwei – it wasn’t only a reader, it was also a boss. I can take criticism from readers, but not from a superior who is supposed to back me up !

      And you’re right.. I wish more investigative reporting happened, but we’re always so swamped with day to day work there’s hardly any time = need to sacrifice my own time, making it even more insulting when people question whether I was thorough.

      Thanks for the encouragement – wo hui zhen zhuo qi lai de!

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