Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer


A little countdown

11 Days to Seoul ^.^

Every time I am there it is a new experience – and every memory has been a good one. Can’t even write coherently about how excited I am to be going with my Dumbass Utd girls – its been five years in the planning and all four of us have finally managed to make our schedules work together. I can already see us tumbling and cursing in the snow at the ski-slopes.

We’ll also be celebrating my birthday there (forever 21, don’t ask!)

But first, we celebrated Abby’s with brunch at the second Marmalade branch near ye olde Bukit Timah turf club – Pantry at the Stables.


As expected (and as planned for) we were all fashionably late with the amazing exception of darling Lanny, who for once turned up on time (and was rewarded with an empty table)

Happy Birthday my radiant girl !

With her very own personalized pink birthday bunny ears. The balloon sculptor called them Minnie Mouse but .. hm, no I don’t think so.

We give it a try!

“It fits nicely ! Right on your hump !” – Abby


Because Ms “I’m blushing all the time and so happy in Lurve” cannot just smile nicely for a photo.

As always with us, the talk got loud, got hilarious and ended up with us being in stitches half the time. I think we really entertained the wait staff too because they kept smiling fondly in our direction the same way a psychiatrist might look upon his deranged wards.

We all had the eggs because we wanted to save room for Pantry’s famous cupcakes.

Sadly, they were middling. The eggs were okay, the tomato also just okay, the sausages a bit too stodgy and salty, and the mushrooms were not cooked on high heat for long enough to seal the juices in, resulting in watery mushrooms on sad toast.

For a really good breakfast that’s not tough on your pockets, try Cedele instead – their eggs are perfection, as are the pillowy, heavenly-soft brioche buns that you can ask to go with them.

We all loved the ambience though – breezy with a hint of morning sunshine. It started to rain kittens and puppies (because they are cuter) sometime later and that resulted in another crazy cackling series of dramatic noises as we tried and failed repeatedly to get a cab out.

Forever 21 (or 18) to us =)

With her Banana-Walnut cupcake topped with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting (Bananarama)

Make a Wish  !

The Four Musketeers – one of my favourite photos of us ever !

Scrummy Elvis Cupcake !

Have yourself a cupcake this week with a nice hot cuppa to chase the rainy blues away !




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