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Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

Some of my readers have been sending me the link of a blog that they claim is a blatant copy of the way I blog and the things I blog about. They also said that the blogger in question even copied my sign-off and later changed it / deleted her tag board when one of them pointed it out to her.

I don’t want any drama .. and whilst it is flattering to have readers ‘care’ about me in this way, I’m going to assume the best – that its pure coincidence since everyone blogs about food, travel, friends, and fashion anyway !

I gotta say though, looking at the way her posts have evolved, that it might be easy to jump to the same conclusion as you guys – from long, rambling posts about her blog shop to suddenly focusing on just food and writing eerily-similar sounding reviews.

I definitely am not going to publish her link here (why give free publicity), at least as long as she does not plagiarize directly from my site because that would be crossing the line.

And anyway, who am I to be a diva? Its not like I have 1,000 people interested in reading about my life everyday ! The 80-100 of you who read and care are just about as much exposure my life can take !

Love you all !




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