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Lil’ Benjy begging for a cranberry treat !

We absolutely spoil him ! A peek into his treats basket yielded:

Low calorie peppermint chicken chew sticks, Addiction’s Meaty Bites, Toffee and Milk Breath Cookies, Chlorophyll bones, Milk and Cheese Puppy cookies, Dried organic cranberries, and freshly cut apples and baby carrots everyday !

Lil’ B eats better than us !

I know this is random, but I’d like to share a simple recipe for puppy owners who have problems with doggy breath. I personally find it OK except when B hasn’t had enough water to drink, so here’s how I get rid of it.

One Toffee and Milk Breath Cookie after each meal, or mix half a table spoon of Vanilla Bean Yoghurt (B’s favourite) into his water to get him to slurp everything up !  We also feed B half a spoon of honey a day because its a natural antiseptic and helps his bowel movements.  Lastly, my very own ..

Milky Puppy Breath recipe !


  1. Dried organic cranberries (unsweetened please!)
  2. 2 tablespoons unsweetened, low fat yoghurt – B loves Berry !
  3. Chopped up carrots or baby carrots

In a food bowl. It immediately gets rid of bad breath (in a day!). I don’t believe in giving Lil B peppermint breath sprays or mixing doggy mints into his food because peppermint breath on a puppy is weird. I like his breath to be nice and milky and sweet ! How does it help?

Cranberries – Helps prevent Urinary Tract Infections in puppies who don’t like to drink water

Yoghurt – Promotes good digestion, preventing food from going bad in B’s tummy and smelling.

Carrots – Natural plaque cleaner – as they chew it it cleans tartar and food stuck in their teeth.

I’m fastidious about B’s cleanliness and smell. He gets a baby powder pat down everyday and a brush to remove particles in his coat, he gets bathed twice a week and conditioned once, and we wipe him down with baby wipes after every walk. Treat your dog just like you would your own baby – dirt can cause infection or smells and no puppy feels good that way !

Three days to Seoul-searching !




2 thoughts on “Ohana x Ours

  1. Cherry con Carne says:

    Any tips for adult dogs?

    1. libbyty says:

      I think the same thing should work? You could give it a try !

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