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Just back from Seoul and already I am missing the wonderful wintry December days!

One of the best things we did was cafe-hopping – Seoul has such quaint and quirky little cafes and bistros with passionate owners and great food!

We would spontaneously drop in for coffees and maybe a little teatime snack, and every cafe was a delight and a memory to keep – the chats became longer and longer as it drizzled outside whilst we warmed our palms on our latte mugs and wrapped ourselves in fleece tartan blankets.

One of our favourite cafes, which we dropped by for breakfast twice, was 2F Flower Cafe in Myeong Dong, which was also a florist !

No detail was spared that meticulous touch of owners who love what they are doing and really run a business that’s also a passion. From the pretty mismatched furniture to the little handmade vases and table cards, and the delicious home made food, everything left such a warm and fuzzy feeling in our bellies.

Cosy little nooks

Little handmade table placards !

And since they are also florists, the flower arrangements apparently change all the time !

When we were there, there were beautiful bunches of dried roses and winter blooms dotting the cafe – tres dreamy.

Aren’t the colors just beautiful? Juxtaposed with the pretty white furniture and paired with a shelf of good books, you could lose yourself here for a good, long afternoon and forget about all the cares in the world, if only for a little while.

On to the food!

Unfortunately, the menu is fully in Korean – there is a chalkboard above the cashier area that has some English but there are no explanations for what goes into the food. Just ‘stew’ or ‘rice’.

The menu is also very limited. Only about 5 different kinds of mains and 6 starters, but all well executed. ^.^

L and I can read and speak some basic Korean and that made it much easier for us to get around.

We ordered a few dishes to share, and they were all very good – Simple, straightforward homemade fare made with love.

키다리 x 키다리 …

We snuggle up under the comfy warm tartan blankets !

And the food is here !

My croque monsieur, which is basically a Parisian grilled ham and cheese sandwich – with a difference.

In this case, it was thus interpreted – soft, pillowy bread grilled to crusty perfection, savoury ham and Emmental cheese slices, and topped with a cheese-bechamel sauce.

Very moreish and a very satisfying breakfast indeed!

x-section !

New fans !


Super umami ‘secret recipe’ rice with the most soul warming tomato cream chicken stew and a little hunk of home-baked fresh baguette, all made from scratch.

Tasted just like home! I would love to serve this over Christmas, am now experimenting on recreating it for my sulky husband who missed out on all the fun.

Drinks wise, the lattes and cappucinos were not bad, but what was really interesting was – get this – hot grapefruit juice.

Its the ‘winter-season’ drink in Seoul right now, most popular cafes offer this.

I can’t say I loved it, but warm juice was quite a revelation! It was sweet, sour, warm and a bit weird at first, but just think Christmas and suddenly it does seem to make sense after all – you can get your (warm) Vitamin C in the frosty months!

Cheers to grape-ade and rainy days in quaint cafes!

And for all those nursing end-of-year runny noses, remember, laughter is the best medicine !

2nd Floor Flower Cafe,

Myeong Dong, Seoul

I can’t remember the exact address, but just take Exit 3 at Myeong Dong station and walk pass a Hof Restaurant, some traditional Korean eateries, and you will spot the cafe!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first of my Seoul-Searching entries!




2 thoughts on “Misty Moisty Seoul Morning

  1. indah says:

    Nice cafe, the decoration cafe is cute

    1. libbyty says:

      Thank you Indah ! You should check it out if you’re in Seoul 🙂

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