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까 -day !

All four of us set out to get our hair done !

Spontaneously and with no idea in mind what we wanted, we sallied forth.

I do my hair everytime I’m there, but I’ve usually stuck to salons where the owners speak good English – this time, I’ve decided to challenge my grasp of the language and try something new.

We spotted this very cool salon near our apartment and decided – why the heck not?

Step through these faux Roman columns at your own risk – you won’t be able to leave for at least four hours whilst getting your hair washed, permed, washed again, blown dry, styled, and treated !

This crazy looking robot was at their entrance! How wacky is that ! The rest of their saloon is just as quirky -the cashier area is designed like a bar, and the walls and ceiling are bare concrete but the furniture is luxe dark leather and the chandeliers, black vintage !

We all picked our hair-styles  – I wanted a nice soft perm for the ends of my hair, LY wanted curled in hair, L wanted nice soft waves, and A opted for a really retro curly bob !

A and L before ..

After that it was a maelstrom of stylists swirling around us – I wasn’t left alone for a minute !

The interior:

In between the washes and perms we sat at a sitting area sipping homemade tea/coffee and reading Harper’s Bazaar in Korean.

A sewing machine converted into a dining table *.*

A “The Tentacles” Quek

Me – halfway done !  My stylist – Yeouido 선생님  – is on the right.

Darling LY finished first !

She got her fringe permed and the ends of her hair curled in ! Doesn’t she look like the sweetest thing?

I was the next to be done ! Curly ends ! I really love my hair now! Its a little high-maintenance but nothing I can’t do in half an hour every day =)

And then there were three! A’s hair is amazing man. She wakes up looking like she already spent three hours tonging her hair. True story.

Where’s L ? Hahaha that monster’s Aslan (read: Chronicles of Narnia) hair took FIVE hours to be done so we had to wait it out for her. The result was reaaaally nice but you’re going to have to read the next few entries to see it because this is all I’m giving you:

THE KIMBAP 김밥 Monster !

L got super hungry halfway through and we forayed into the freezing cold and came back bearing Neanderthal gifts of stuffed rice. She made me feed her two whilst getting her hair washed as her stylist looked on in absolute horror.

Anyway we all loved our new hairstyles .. and if you’re looking to get your hair done in Korea, you might want to do it here. As their owner, Mr Sun, says ” Best Stylist in Myeong Dong, Best STAP (staff) in Myeong Dong!”

까  Hair Salon 

13-4 Namsan Dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

Tel: 15882297





4 thoughts on “까 x Hair

  1. shuhuiii says:

    Best STAP, heh heh heh!!!
    The final photo is rather endearing XD

    1. libbyty says:

      yeah.. Konglish! I’ll tell Lydia know hahaha if she doesn’t murder me first!

  2. shuhuiii says:

    AND omg, that’s how all the pretty girls get those side-swept fringe– by perming?! 0w0
    Am still thinking what to do with my hair; you girls look great!

    1. libbyty says:

      Yes I think perming is one way.. mine was permed too! It does take a bit of work blow drying it though! Are you planning to do your hair in Seoul too?

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