Little Bow Girl

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Four Freezing and Chirpy Pigs made their way to Lotte World early one morning..


Their monikers for the day? The Sexy Neko (SN),  The Pink Panther (PP), Marie (M), and Leopard Bow Girl (LG)

I know you guys have probably already seen my Marie ears before but just like I correctly predicted, they were and still are my favourite theme-park head band and nothing I’ve seen comes close !

In any case, as if everyone doesn’t already know, Lotte World is the world’s biggest indoor theme park. We did consider Everland, which I personally prefer, but the weather was erratic that day and the grey clouds were slightly ominous so we had a better bet spending half the time indoors!

Their first time at LW (and my third haha. I go back just to take the carousel)

Christmas Decorations were already up!

Lotte World is not a bad place generally, it can be fun and its affordable, but don’t even bother comparing it to Disneyworld because it doesn’t even come close ! Actually most theme parks don’t, just that LW has a very special place in my heart – it was the setting of the first Korean weepie I watched – Stairway to Heaven and it also has the prettiest carousel I have ever seen..

SoH, for the unititiated, is the THE BEST TEARJERKER ROMANCE TO EVER BE SHOWN . It drove me crazy as a lovesick junior college student – I spent nights memorizing the soundtrack and rewatching the particularly sad episodes before my mother decided I was nuts and literally locked the TV up in a custom made cabinet.  That act of motherly love may have saved my A levels.

Anyway, I digress.

A peek into the indoor theme park:

We didn’t take the major coasters with the long queues – read : The French Revolution because only one of us dares to take anything with a remotely scary G-force, but we did take the Pharoah’s Fury, which was an Indiana Jones’ style ride, and I successfully managed to trick PP into thinking that it was just a nice drive through with a few bumps. Turns out there were not one but TWO dips and all of us screamed like mad women except LG, who was cackling like a happy witch at our distress.

Well PP had her revenge later at the outdoor section of the theme park:

When she made me take the most humiliating ride I have ever graced – PETIT BEEP BEEP.

This infantile ride involves us going round and round a track singing ridiculous songs about winter. You CANNOT steer the car, you CANNOT make it go faster.

Had to make ourselves feel better after that with lots of theme park snacks!

préféré – favourite 

A really popular brand of soft serve in Seoul, I think they may have a branch here in Novena Sq or the like?

In any case you cant see it in the pictures but I got the Bluberry and Herb flavour – which sounds weird on print but was actually very delicious ! Dense creamy berriliciousness with a nice hint of .. was it mint?

And …

LG and I loved this! Peanut Butter Roasted Squid!

The other two looked on in utter disgust as we chewed happily on the peanut-buttery smokey calamari.

So good! Would have been better if it was actually piping hot though .. it was lukewarm by the time we got to the front of the queue.

And moreee…

Freshly made Korean yakitori – tender spicy chicken and green peppers in 8 degree weather!

We also snacked on Korean grilled butter corn, which I didn’t like that much – the corn was soft and had a gummy taste to it .. kept getting stuck in my teeth. I’m pretty sure its not a Lotte thing because all the white corn I’ve tried in Korea tasted like this. I much prefer the juicy, yellow kernels we get in the rest of Asia.

And a must-have everything I’m in Seoul – 짜장면

It is a carboholic’s comfort food.

The one served at the Lotte Chinese food restaurant was “Haemul Jjajangmyeon”, or seafood noodles.

It’s basically wheat noodles topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste), diced meat, vegetables, and sometimes also seafood.

And its also a either you-love-it-or-hate-it thing so AGAIN, PP and I were the only ones who really enjoyed it. There’s just that much satisfaction you can get from slurping up yummy, salty sweet noodles and getting the occasional surprise of a nice soft sweet onion sliver in your mouth.

Its also a really popular delivery food in Seoul and -incorrectly- referred to as ‘Chinese cuisine’ (to the Chinese its more like ‘peasant cuisine’)

Event of the day? When the LG got the shock of her life:

So that ghoul you see there? Well, we didn’t know it was human. So Ms Itchy Fingers decided to go allll the way up to his face to say hi.

The ghoul was standing at the entrance of ride – like REALLY STILL. Like dead still.  It scared the beejeezus out of me for some reason, and I only found out later why.

Itchy Fingers: ” Hee hee , looks real! “

All of us : ” WULAN.. DON’T TOUCH.. so scary!!”

Itchy Fingers goes RIGHT UP to the ghouls face and tries to poke her finger into his nose area.


And she screams so hard she lands on her backside. The rest of us join in the crazy screaming. Ghoul laughs until he falls down too.

Itchy Fingers: ” OMFG OMFG OMFG !!”


And we continued laughing until we cried for a good ten minutes.

Bellies full, hearts full, and sleepy, we ended the day with a dreamy carousel ride.

Here’s to perfect days!




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