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A three hour bus-ride out of Seoul brought us right into the heart of a winter wonderland.

The sight was utterly breathtaking, and we felt so fortunate to be able to see snow so early on in winter ! YP was the only ski resort which had been snowing like crazy – the rest only got gray rain.

Isn’t it just beautiful? I could sit in the white chill for hours with a good book and a hot mug of toffee nut latte, all wrapped up in my coat and scarf. The cold was neither biting nor bone chilling – deceivingly soft until night falls.

It wasn’t my first or even second time seeing snow, but every time I do see it it just takes my breath away – another one of God’s wonders that man will never be able to recreate on our own.  The air was so very still, with only the soft whistling of snowflakes falling all around us and it felt as if I was in another universe altogether – where it was Nature and not Man that was the master of the Earth.

The first snow started falling on our way to the ski resort, and we gleefully jumped out of the bus to play!

The best kind of snow – pure white, feathery, with crystals so clear you can see every snowflake if you look hard enough !

The only ew moment is when the snow melts on contact and gets you wet !

Which is when you dash back into the bus with a steaming hot cuppa green tea ! (Coffee makes me sick on transport)

Once we arrived at the resort, we geared up for our ski lesson – and I’m not sure if we were fortunate or not, because a small blizzard started up and that led to a whole series of very bizarre events that left us both laughing and crying at the end of it.

  1. There was so much snow it got stuck in our skis and we could neither pull them off or put them on, if not for the help of our very dear dongsaeng
  2. Minho, a 20 year old college student who had the unfortunate task of constantly dragging Wulan and LY out of the snow!
  3. LY was so exhausted she couldn’t even carry her skis or walk 20 m without collapsing very dramatically and sadly into the snow – natural born Korean actress that she is !
  4. Every ten minutes was punctuated by an “Eurgh” from either Wulan or LY as they fell / fainted into the snow and refused to get up.
  5. By the time our two hour session was over, we were so wet and exhausted we could hardly breathe properly.
  6. And neither could poor Minho.

Drenched ski rats FTW and insane memories to be kept forever !

We all decided that our crazy workout had to be compensated with the appropriate calories so it was din dins in our little condominium (actually a service apartment but that’s what they call it here).

Already messed up but still very very cosy :

As usual, I was the designated cook!

We ordered a potato pizza from E-tang that was significantly less fantastic than Mr Pizza but still quite yums.

Aaand, dinner’s ready!

Pizza, ramyun, Nachos and cheese, not pictured here – rice, korean sausages

Not much cooking needed heh.

It was really supremely satisfying. There are few things better in life than slurping down a hot pot of spicy ramyun whilst a blizzard rages on outside before adding a whole bowl of rice to the now intensely MSG-ey and spicy soup and eating that too.

The floors were heated by a system called 온돌 / ‘ondol’ – or underfloor heating.

Yum yum carbs in my tum ! 라면 라면 라면 라면 라면!

We were all pink-cheeked from the cold and exercise and even without make-up, our skin glowed !

딸기 for dessert – always sweeter and juicier in Korea !

Abby and I woke up bright and early for breakfast the next morning whilst the other two pigs snored away.

Look, Ma ! A sno-filled balcony !

Loved my lilac angora sweater ! So comfortable and really kept me warm !

Tranquil breakfast :

Breakfast that really tasted home-made. I don’t know how to describe it, but you know how things always taste delicious when they are made with thought and care? Instead of carelessly and thoughtlessly slapped onto a plate without a consideration for the person eating it (like it happens so often in SG )

And then we went to play !

Everything was blanketed in snow ! Even the little cars that looked extra cute with their windscreen wipers sticking out.

Frozen letters for you?

Snow balls!


And then Wulan and Abby went SPLAT

Which was grossly unwise because powdery snow is an absolute pain in the bottom to remove! Even with vigorous whacking it just seems to work itself deeper and deeper into your wool coats.

And then, we decided to make a snowman !

It is waaay harder than it looks.

Pat a cake pat a cake, fast as you can !

  1. Snow is really difficult to compact. It just crumbles away unless you punch it like a man.
  2. Round spherical shapes are not possible. Settle for a pear shaped one.
  3. You get snow everywhere! Unnameable crevices included.
But we soldiered on.
Meet Edwin, our Sno-man.

Isn’t he a cutie?

Happy Holidays !




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