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Birthday Dreams x 소냐레

December 20, 2011

I spent a wonderful day in Seoul turning one day older, and not much wiser.

It was a lovely, sweet, cosy affair with three of my best friends.

The day started off with a walk along the romantic tree-lined streets of Garosu-gil, Seoul’s iconic street of indie boutiques mixed with the most adorable cafes and the usual luxury brands.

Walk with me !


Don’t the shops remind you slightly of Harajuku or Omotesando in Japan?

The trees aren’t as pretty as they are in Autumn but I do think that stark, pale look has its own appeal ^.^

As you grow older and see things as more than just the sum of their parts, you also learn to see the beauty in everything that isn’t always immediately attractive.

Ribbons for you? I don’t know how large my bow collection now – I’m always finding surprise bows I never knew I bought – its quite fun, actually !

A supercute scooter !

풍선!  (balloons!)

Balloons on my birthday, just like last year !

We decided on a little Korean-Italian restaurant, 소나래 / Sognare, for lunch .

Sognare : Italian: ” To dream for..”

All prettied up for Christmas.

The food was just .. love and warmth in my tummy. Nothing super special or mindblowing – just well made sustenance put together with love and served with care *.*

We found my Korean-fusion favourite there !

Gorgonzola Pizza with a Yuzu-Maple Dipping Sauce

Everyone else loved this too ! I first tried this at Hongdae on my previous trip to Seoul and I was hooked immediately.

Crispy, crackly pizza base with creamy, pungent blue cheese cut through with the citrusy mellowy-sweet tones of yuzu and honey ! Heaven !

The drinks were also very interesting.

Mine and Abby’s Kahlua Milk – sweet, creamy, coffee milk with just a hint of naughty. =)

And L’s Cappucino !  Teddy x Coffee Foam Art !

Aww. Can you ‘bear’ you ruin that !

I didn’t manage to get any photos of my very yummy scallop and curry cream pasta, but here’s what I did manage to snap.

Abby’s Tomato-base seafood risotto ! The rice was perfectly al dente and perfumed with the sauce. You can almost taste how carefully it was cooked.

Grilled sausages with Potato Risotto !

Extremely satisfying ! All the sausages were tasty – some more meaty, some more herby, and all well cooked. The potato risotto was creamy, carby, and .. need I really say more?

After lunch, I was promptly bestowed with .. a hat.

Happy Birthday to Me !  I don’t know why my eyes look weird in this picture – the moment I used the ‘sepia’ function to change the lighting my pupils appeared to have smeared !

LY !

Darling Lanny !

The Butas !

And to round off the perfect day?

Surprise ice cream cake before midnight !

너무 행복해요!!




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