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Things have been really, really, trying for K, myself, and our little family.

Every day feels like a struggle to keep breathing, problems seem to be simply swept under the rug because we have no more time or energy to deal with them.

I know I need to take decisive action about my life soon, but , God, I’m so exhausted !

In between those awful times, I’m glad for respites, however brief, when it feels like everything is going to be ok again.

Last week, K and I brought Benjy out for brunch to try to resume our little tradition.

We headed to Canopy, a cafe/restaurant run by the Aramsa Group, in Bishan, after hearing from Jac that it was doggy friendly!

We were expecting it to be really crowded because SG has woefully few dog-friendly places but surprisingly there were only two or three other families there with their furkids.

Made ourselves comfortable under a little outdoor cabana and tucked right in !

Our Happy B in his goofy smile and POLO t-shirt !

Getting B has really been one of the best decisions I have ever made. He makes a mess, he’s always trying to get my attention, he makes me guilty for scolding him, and is always begging for a treat, but he is also the most cuddlesome dog in the world! He intuitively knows when I’m down and will come and make sad whiny noises to cheer me up, and its a wonderful feeling to come home everyday knowing there’s someone there incredibly excited to see you back!

We ordered simply – not very hungry !

I had the Eggs Florentine, which for the uninitiated, is Eggs Benedict minus the meat and plus baby spinach leaves.

The eggs were cooked just so…

I.e. executed just right, but I felt that something, some oomph was missing.

It could be that nothing is quite the same without the amazing aroma of bacon / silky saltiness of smoked salmon, but I think the problem lies in the rather flat tasting hollandaise – it should be buttery eggy goodness but it tasted a little too… virtuous? Like they forgot the fat.

Also, English Muffins are great for soaking up all the runny stuff but I will always always prize Spruce’s Eggs Benny on Corn Waffles as the Best I Ever Had (In SG at least, Bill’s in Brighton was another matter)

K had the crabmeat aglio olio.

Again, it looked very well put together but.. it was less than the sum of its parts.

There was no crab umami infused into the linguine, it was missing the nice garlicky punch that is the signature of aglio olio, and basically it was so tasteless that we ended up dumping a whole saucer of sliced chillis into it in an attempt to spice it up. Which is a pity, because the portions were generous.

The best part of our brunch was our Chai Latte, which was so yummy !

It wasn’t so heavily spice infused that it takes on the overly clove-y, almost pungent taste of traditional chai, but instead was lightly sweet, milky, and just perfumed with the taste of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and a little ginger for tummy warming heat.

Milk Moustache Alert !

After brunch, a nice quiet walk to work those tummies off!

B and Mummy !

With his new friend, Cookie the Corgi !

The two boys in my life. =)

After that, we spent the Saturday just relaxing at home, him catching up on his work and studying, and me getting myself into a butter filled haze in my little kitchen baking CNY pineapple tarts!

I wish every day could be as idyllic as this, but unfortunately.. responsibilities, commitments (those long, big, difficult words) always get in the way. =(




2 thoughts on “Happy Together.

  1. weisquared says:

    Dunno what’s up, but I hope everything will be better soon enough. 🙂 Happy Pineapple-filled CNY!

    1. libbyty says:

      Thanks weiwei. you have a great CNY too!!

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