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Last Saturday, my best Primary School friend got married to the love of her life. 🙂

Their’s is such a sweet love story – they go way back to Primary 1  and are from the same church !

I didn’t know him until he became C’s boyfriend but from whatever contact I have had with him, I think he’s a great guy and perfect for her. They share the same faith, the same values, and he really comes across as someone who will take care and love her for the rest of his life ( Thats a tall order for anyone who knows how special C is ! )

C was the first person in my Primary 6 class to be my friend.

Previously, I was something of a social recluse. I preferred to eat in 5 minutes and then spend the rest of my time reading under the staircase in the Reading Corner or hanging out with the dental nurses and eating Almond Roca out of a tin they kept specially for me.

We first started talking after she dropped all her books on the floor when going up the stairs. She was the class monitress and I was the bane of my form teacher’s existence – always getting dragged downstairs to the discipline master for reading under the table or not handing up homework.

I helped her with the books and we climbed the three flights up together and from that moment, we were fast friends.

She was unfailingly kind, polite, and loyal to everyone. We played five stones together, hung out on Saturdays before extra curricular activities,  had sleepovers at her place, and called each other without fail every single night. She would write me little inspirational notes with quotes from the Bible and always one of her cute neoprints which she was addicted to to cheer me up. Once, we ran all the way to Parkway to take neoprints and ran all the way back in 1 hr so she could make it for Brownies and I could make it for Netball.

When my first pet hamster Biscuit died of cancer, she was the first person I called, sobbing.

Over the years, I admit I was a lousy friend to her. I made new friends in secondary school, didn’t bother to meet up, lied about being busy, and stopped calling. She never gave up on me, even though I was surly, uncontactable, etc.

I was a little sad, to be honest, on her wedding day, thinking of all the times I could have been a better friend to her and how much deeper our friendship could have become, but then I am only happy to know that I can still count someone like C amongst my friends.

Today, we meet at least once a month for a nice dinner, sms regularly, and chat on the phone too ! Vast, vast improvement.

K and I went for both her Church wedding and customary banquet.

The theme of her wedding was Up! and it was so much fun !

I designed her Up ! themed signing books for her – hope she loved it 🙂

The groomsmen marched in to the Star Wars theme with lightsabers, and her bridesmaids came in in beautiful pink dresses to the theme song for Up! (Married Life). The church was packed,  it was all so very sweet, so very personal, and I cried throughout the service from happiness.

Dinner was stupendous fun too! It was like our entire primary school had turned up and the evening was full of laughter, nostalgia, shared memories, and promises to stay in touch. We’re all meeting up in three weeks again ! It was like a scene out of the Taiwanese movie – You Are the Apple of my Eye

So glad K got to meet my primary school classmates – He told me after that he felt like he had discovered an entirely different side of me he had never seen before 🙂

With Claire and Joshua

From top: Ivan, Juan Ling, Alice, Joshua, Claire, Me, K, and Nathan

Bottom: Lois, Luck, Carine, Minyi, and her boyfriend

I would upload a primary school photo of us here for comparison (that irrepresible Nathan brought a whole album to humiliate us) but I may be lynched.

6H / 1999

We Belong to Tao Nan School !




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3 thoughts on “❤ Claire

  1. Shoe says:

    I can’t tell you how much it troubles me that I can’t link you, but keep blogging please. You and KX look really cool.

    1. libbyty says:

      I will, and you’re pretty cool yourself, my fellow yankee candle fan !

      1. Shoe says:

        Hahahah thanks! 😀 I linked you!!! AT LAST!

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