Little Bow Girl

Wife, Mama to Sophie Rose, Full Time Day Dreamer

K and I spent a wonderful weekend at home these past two days.

Mostly because I burnt my left arm badly whilst ironing K’s work-shirts (#housewifefail) and sustained a second-degree burn that hurts – imagine pink, raw, flesh that’s slightly charred.

But also because I’ve been feeling really down lately.

Last week, my great-grandmother passed away at the ripe old age of 107.

She lived a long, fruitful life and left behind many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even a great-great-grandchild (my supercute niece, Emma!)

My family chose to celebrate her passing, and not mourn, because that was what it was – a celebration of life – Taipor was ready to go without any regrets 🙂

Even so, I was feeling quite lost about everything – there’s just so much going on in my life right now I feel like I’ve lost my footing and there’s nothing more I wanted to do than to curl up in the safe cocoon of my princess bed under my thick warm quilt and sleep my worries away.

So K and I just shut ourselves away for a little while, and it was the best two days I have spent with him in months !

We’ve finally got our wedding portrait up on the wall, and installed pretty white brocade curtains in our master bedroom thanks to my own personal handyman husband.

Whilst he was hammering away, I re-organized our walk-in ! Here are my favourite parts:

Finally reorganized one part of my Walk-in ! My bow trays, lace chests, vanities, and perfumes !

Our re-organized linen cupboard !

Yes, you can see my frivolous collection of linen waters – call me silly but they make your clothes and towels smell so wonderful and perfume the whole wardrobe ! In order of my favourites:

  1. Liz Lisa Chambre A Coucher Eau De Linge Originale for its super soothing and calming rose/lavender fragrance
  2. My Sunherb Redcurrant and Raspberry Linen Water from Japan
  3. Petit Bijou Room Spray from Etude House (smells exactly like baby powder but better!)
  4. Crabtree and Evelyn Linen Spray (perfect for roomwear!)

Also, our His and Hers towels – just received another batch of Uchino Marshmallow Towels from Claire and they are the softest, fluffiest towels you will ever, ever use !

My purple bonbonniere goblet that I use to hang my initial necklaces !

Our new His & Hers vanities !

So proud of myself for finding these vanity cases ! No more scattered earrings or necklaces for me, or missing halves of cufflinks for K !

Finally, my favourite new buy for K :

Cherie, where are my boxers? Boxes from Incidence, a Paris-based brand

They have a special inside meaning for K and I – and NO, its nothing raunchy !

In case you missed our two darling furkids :

Maddy x Miu Miu !

And Benjy-boy, the best present I’ve ever received.

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend !

Ch-ch-ch-changes are a-coming !




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