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Hi there 🙂

So I really can’t do anything about the photo bandwidth below until tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’ve created another PB account so that it probably (fingers crossed) won’t happen again. It would really help if you guys don’t enlarge or click on the photos because that eats up a lot of bandwidth. Thanks for the understanding !

So I have this friend, now colleague, who is very photo shy and attention shy so I will just refer to her as uberwombat.

She is just one of my many friends who don’t really like being featured on my blog (almost all of them work in the media industry and we’re touchy about stuff like that).

Last month, she sacrificed all her anti-cute, anti-girly, and anti-pink sensibilities to bring me the most beautiful set of makeup I have ever seen – the Laduree Les Merveilleuses Rose Blusher.

I’ve been lusting after it since Val evilly sent me the catalogue, but its only available in one departmental store in the world in Tokyo, and I wasn’t going to Tokyo anytime soon.

Now its sitting pretty next to the rest of my sparkly Jill Stuart blusher compacts, be-jewelled loose powder pots, cut-glass perfumes, and my purple Bon Bon goblet.

Unveiling it took me five minutes. The blusher comes in two boxes – one with the case, and the other with the petals of blush. The petals are further encased in a black velvet drawstring pouch. Nothing like Japanese packaging to get one into an absolute tizzy.

The pretty pastels (this is Shade #1) Have to be carefully placed into the Faberge-egg-esque blusher case, complete with Victorian looking cameo.

I tried a little on that day, and the color is absolutely gorgeous – like a sweet summery peachy bloom on your cheeks that instantly lights up your eyes.

Yes, they are actual petals. Somehow, they make my Guerlain Meteorite pastel pearls look sad and hopelessly spheric in comparison.

I’m very sad that I won’t be able to bring this blusher along to Europe for my summer vacation – it is simply too delicate and I don’t want it getting smashed to powder in my suitcases. It would have been perfect with my Venice look – Red, vermillion, butterscotch floral dresses with fishtail braids and skin the colour of a ripened peach.

Alas, its not to be !

Aside from all that drama, I’m happy to report that life seems to be getting better for me ( although I’m so worried I’ll jinx this). As each peaceful day passes, I feel the anxiety melt from my tense shoulders and a little of the anger ebbing away. I really hope things stay on this trend.

Come Friday, I’ll be off with the BFF Abby to Paris for a week, London for Val’s wedding, and then to Venice for some quality slacking in the sun before we return to dreary old SGP.

I honestly can’t wait  – but at the same time, I feel really pained leaving K and Benjy behind – we’ve been having such a wonderful couple of days after all the nightmares, and there just doesn’t seem to be time enough together as a family.

And since we’re being nostalgic, here’s a photo I dug up of myself around this time last year, preparing to be a bride. 🙂

I look at her, and I see joy, anticipation, youth, and most of all, Hope – and I really want to be that person again.




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