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Basilica San Marco, Venice, Italy. June 2012.


We’re back!

It’s been nothing short of epic – We’ve had days when we laughed until our bellies hurt, days when we ATE till our bellies hurt. We’ve had grumpy off days and quiet contemplation days. We’ve carried 30 kgs of luggage over pointy bridges and up and down metro stairs together. We’ve guiltily swiped our cards one too many times, swooned over Michelin-starred food and gasped with delight over dirt-cheap, ocean fresh grilled sole.

I can honestly say that this has been the best holiday I’ve taken since my honeymoon, and definitely the most carefree vacation since I started work two years ago.

And despite all my initial fears and worries, our friendship has come out of these 17 days stronger, better, and more meaningful than before!

Of course, its lovely to be back. I’ve abandoned my poor husband and little Benjy for far too long – I honestly have no idea how well I’m going to deal with his 3-week disappearance in August to ‘serve the nation’, but is going to be tough.

Spent most of the past two days sleeping off a fever and seriously bad jet lag, but world, get ready for me, I’m back, and better !




2 thoughts on “Home :)

  1. jings says:

    that’s how travelling with friends is supposed to be 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. libbyty says:

      yup I know !! This time it was really cathartic, though. Even more soul cleansing than those Korea trips !

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