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What’s my favourite place for a yummy, filling, lazy brunch that is quintessentially French?

Angelina’s, of course !

I’ve blogged about A’s before, but every time you go its different. ^^

One thing that has stayed the same? The impeccable service and friendly waiters. They always stop to chat, to smile, to ask if we’re doing okay, and the food comes fast and yummy.

Its of course famous for le chocolat chaud, or its delicious velvety, chocolate coma inducing French hot chocolate made with African cocoa beans, but the brunch menu is equally amazing.

Lucky for us bunnies, then, that we headed down to Rue de Rivoli on a chilly, windy Dimanche morning with our fingers stiff from the cold and our faces feeling a little parched.

Nothing like a warm hot cup of their chocolat chaud topped off generously with hand whipped cream to breathe life into us again.

Princess updo x Rosebullet Mint Dress x Broderie Anglais

Le Brunch !

My creamy scrambled eggs with chives that went just rice with the pillowy brioche toast, some foie gras pate and apple chutney to share, Sailor Bunny and our tea-stand of goodies like mini croissants and pain au chocolat, my pamplemousse juice, and two baby Macarons for sweet endings ^^

It was all filling and all wonderful. In essence, the perfect breakfast that didn’t leave us over-stuffed but rather energized for the rest of the day. It was a little bit of this, and a little bit of that – my favourite way to eat.

Creamy, savoury eggs, the crisp crunch of brioche that yields to the soft, slightly sweet bread, chased by a sliver of rich pate cut through with that tart apple compote. Drowned with tangy juice, tempered with a bite of their luscious pain au chocolat, and complete with a swig of chocolat chaud.

Now that just blows greasy American breakfasts right out of the water.

Sailor Bunny gives Angelina’s her thump of approval !

We popped by again for lunch before our Bunny adventure at the Louvre!

This time, I had the Angelina’s summer quiche, and was delighted, as expected 🙂

The quiche was cooked just right – no congealed eggs, or hard, crunchy vegetables. Just the summery bite of fresh, ripe zucchini, crudites, and the soft sweetness of tomato with the eggy creaminess of the pastry.

Went perfectly with my little glass of Rose.

A’s sandwich was similarly scrumptious, just because of how fresh it was, as were the hand-cut frites.

It was a particularly interesting lunch – we ended up getting invited by the elderly but very sophisticated looking couple next to us to head to Prague for weeks of spa-ing in the mountains. In return, we told them exactly where to check out the best chili crabs when they stay at the Singapore St Regis next month.

Dinner when we’re back !

Remember to go to Angelina’s when you’re in Paris, if only for the hot chocolate !

Bisous bisous!




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