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Today, the bunnies are going to bring you on a quick walk down the Champs Elysees – something not terribly exciting  (hint – the real shopping isn’t there!), but something you just have to do at least once – Bunny L here having already been there, done that, it was more for the benefit of Bunny A – and hilarious nonetheless because we’re always better together.

Stop one – L’arc De Triomphe

It has huge historical significance, and the first time I saw it I was very impressed by the architecture – it sits at one point of a carousel that radiates out in 12 directions, making it visually extremely impactful. And its also particularly worth a look because it was built to commemorate war-dead and it also home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (I love mysteries like that)

 But if you’re anything like me, your eyes would already have been glazing over at this point to alight on the huge Cartier flagship store nearby.

No I’m just kidding, I’m not that shallow.

In any case, we didn’t stay long, because the area in front of the Arc is inevitably crowded by buskers, irritating tourists, and pickpockets.

We just.. walked. Anywhere our feet took us that bright, sparkling Parisian day.

Round bright, sunny boulevards, through black, wrought iron gates, down wide, shining streets, cross-roads.

Peeking into the sideroads and, perhaps, the future? Catching our breaths along quiet streets and dark, silent doorways.

There is so much richness in detail, colour, and texture in any corner you look, in a way that makes the world seem that much more alive.

Of course, we stopped for a quick break along the Champs, and to our disappoint realized that the icnonic Champs Elysees Laduree has been closed till later this year for renovation. However, you will note from later posts that we are not that easily thwarted in our need for a good, hot, pot of tea, a pretty salon, and scrummy, airy macarons (although my true Achilles heel is their St Honore)

What does a tired, but happy bunny need for a energy boost? Nothing would do except an extra large glass of ice cold fizzy Coke with a good slice of lemon, thank you very much!

Croque Madame x Foie Gras Rilettes x Les Lapins Joyeux

Too much hutch hopping left the Bunnies feet crying for help, and the solution lay just around the corner from the Rue De Rivoli at Repetto’s – home of Brigitte Bardot’s famed ballerina slippers.

Now there’s not many things better than slipping your tired, complaining bunny feet into a pair of super soft, hand stitched, nude pink leather ballerina flats which will allow you to continue skipping as long as you want.

Bunny A, being more of the flamboyant type, expressed herself in patent red Repettos which were equally pretty.

The perfect ending to a day of non stop hopping is a park bench in the adorable Tuilleries Gardens, where you can just sit and watch the world go by until your lashes start to droop and a nice cool breeze tickles your nose and wakes you up..

Making it time to go home and the end of our Bunny x Champs adventure.

And all that exercise must have made reading this entry very very exhausting for you indeed, so stay tuned for our favourite tea places next !




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