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If you do know me you’ll know that I absolutely love nutty foodies and chefs.

There’s Marco Pierre White, the original bad boy and big bad wolf of the culinary world, our very own Char Kway Teow nazi ( WHAT YOU MEAN MAI HUM ? MAI HUM BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE), and then there’s my favourite, Gordon Ramsay.

I just love watching him on television. His irreverent potty mouth, his unashamedly bad temper, the way his craggy face crinkles up when he yells ” ITS RAWHRRR” in a posh British accent…

Makes a fan want to join Hell’s Kitchen just to see him slap a half raw bloody steak onto the kitchen counter in rage !

Anyway I digress. Since we were in London I figured we had to make a stop at Gordon Ramsay’s eponymous restaurant at Claridges near Mayfair. ^^

The restaurant is an Art Deco style, high ceiling-ed affair with very interesting orange on purple touches (who would’ve thought that would work!) and vermillion blooms.

Reservations beforehand are a must !

Most first-timers opt for their prixe-fixe sets, which can be as reasonable as about 35 pounds (without tax) for three courses.

But Bunny A and I were there for the Beef Wellington, which most definitely does not fall into the lunch-set-variety of meals, so we had to pay about three times more.

Was it worth it? Find out more ^.^

For our starters, I had the lobster ravioli and A had his seared scallops – both signature dishes at GR’s.

That’s my dreamy lobster ravioli.

Every bite was a delight. Firstly, it was bursting with seafoody freshness – and the lobster had just the right bite.

Along with the buttery light seafood broth, it was like slurping up the world’s most comforting seafood and dumpling soup.

The creaminess was cut through nicely by the sour tang of the sun-dried tomato puree on top. How smart !

We were also given a complimentary pea soup started that tasted green and fresh and was kissed just lightly with some very fragrant white truffle oil.

There’s A’s succulent scallops – also super fresh with a touch of luxe from the beluga caviar sprinkled on top.

And in between we stuffed ourselves happily with their freshly baked rolls and butter.

Finally, the piece de resistance was conveyed to our table with all the trimmings, a golden pastry ball sitting on a tray for us to examine before it was brutally sliced open for our gastronomic enjoyment.

For the uninitiated, Beef Wellington is notoriously hard to get perfect. It usually ends up in either combination –

  1. Undercooked pastry but the beef just right
  2. Pastry just right but beef tough and chewy

I’m sure you can tell from my photos how GR’s Beef Wellington turned out.

Yup, it was perfect and absolutely scrumptious !

The pastry was flaky, golden, and the perfect foil to the moist, medium beef that was meaty, tender, and good beefy juiciness in every bite.

The sides were also delicious – the beans cooked just right, crunchy and flavourful, and the potatoes Dauphinoise were creamy and delicious.

Bunny A scarfed down most of it (I’m on a diet so I sneakily gave her the bigger half of the Wellington) and we were left feeling like stuffed footballs but I have got to say it was worth every calorie.

Happy stuffed bunny faces !

We wondered if we would have any room at all for dessert, and of course, we did. We always have room for something sweet, especially after a meal as wonderful as this one!

I had the very fun and entertaining Chocolate Sphere.

The maitre’d placed the pretty, perfect chocolate ball sitting in a bed of cream in front of me, and then poured what looked like a little milk jug of hot chocolate sauce.

“1…2…3.. and.. voila!” he said, grinning

The ball then disintegrated to reveal the scrummiest milk ice cream, house-made honeycomb, and more chocolate!

I think I would have enjoyed this even more if I hadn’t been stuffed full but gosh, it was so fun to eat. Like a deconstructed Crunch bar that mated with the milkiest chocolate.

A opted for the berries souffle, another easy-fail dish – there’s nothing more disappointing than a deflated souffle and we’re glad to say hers came standing straight up and a little wobbly from the delightfully tangy berries sorbet.

She understandably couldn’t finish her dessert, but not because it wasn’t awfully good, she was just awfully full !

And we came on empty stomachs!

So now you know – their Beef Wellington is really good for 3 hungry girls or two hungry boys!

Now that’s a another notch down on the gastro-pig’s list of places-to-eat – I wish we could’ve gone to his 3-starred flagship in Chelsea, but Claridge’s was wonderful anyway!

Gordon Ramsay’s, Claridges 

Brook Street 
W1K 4HR 




4 thoughts on “English Roses x Claridges !

  1. Abby says:


    For our starters, I had the lobster ravioli and A had HIS seared scallops – both signature dishes at GR’s.

    1. libbyty says:

      His as in Gordon Ramsays my dear bunny A.

  2. Lisa says:

    I watched Gordon Ramsay in Vietnam on tv last night.

    1. libbyty says:

      Was he as funny as usual? 🙂

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